Which Is The Worst Airline In America? Delta Airlines

worst airline delta
Dear Delta, Are you serious? I'm disgusted by your lack of Customer Care, and have been forced to SHAME you in a Blog Post. I expected more after being a loyal customer.
worst airline delta

I Didn’t Want To Do It!

Oh, Delta Airlines. Why did you force me to write this nasty blog post, announcing that you are the WORST AIRLINE IN AMERICA?

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If you had only responded like you said you would.

On Twitter, you declared that it would take 30 days, to respond to my customer complaint in my Skymiles account.

Aside from the fact that you replied within 24 hours to my compliment…..

WAIT! WHAT? Did you say that it would take THIRTY days to respond? I’m just going to have to digest that first. All I know is that as a Social Media Manager, I respond within one day, to any complaints. ONE DAY, DELTA.

It has been more than 30 days, and I am PISSED OFF!

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You have forced me to pull the BLOGGER card, so below is the letter that I wrote on September 23, 2014, which to this day, October 29, 2014, has been COMPLETELY ignored by your team. Perhaps this SHAMING BLOG POST, and accompanying video, will garner some attention.


September 23, 2014

Dear Delta Airlines,

Please go look up my frequent flyer number #23402xxxx.. Then go look up my husband’s, #320230xxxx. By the mere length of these digits, you will recognize that we have held these Skymiles accounts for more than THIRTY years.

We have both been QUITE loyal to Delta Airlines. which has been our of choice, for 90% of our trips. Between the two of us, we have four SEPARATE Delta, and Starwood, American Express cards.

We have used our accrued DELTA points to travel First Class to Dubai and on trips to Tokyo, Amsterdam, and a few other great places around the world. Most recently I used Skymiles to book the trip about which I am complaining in this letter. 

As a loyal customer, I often make it a point, to point out on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, how happy we are with our choice. Please remember it is a choice. There are many other airlines to choose from, as you must realize.

Cut to: September 22, 2014. I was using a 25,000 miles FF ticket to fly RT from SEA – JKF on the Red Eye. I could have booked an earlier flight,  but decided to save 5,000 miles, by choosing DL 2622 that connected with D1162 LAX to JFK.

There would be a 2.5 hour layover in LAX, which would give me enough time to meet up with some Los Angeles friends, which would make the extra travel time, and flying the RED EYE, worth the effort.

I would also have time to stroll around Seattle, that morning, so I could see a bit more of the city.

Sadly, I woke up to a rainy day, and decided to see if I leave a little earlier in the day. I remembered that Delta had a SAME DAY STANDBY fare, so I got on the phone at 8:14AM, to see if this was available. I was put on hold for 7 minutes. No one ever picked up. I tried to call reservations again, at 8:40AM and was patient for 11 minutes this time. Still, no one picked up the phone. I decided to reach out by Twitter to ask, and got a quick response.

@DeltaAssist is there still a stand by on same day flights for $25?

@MyBigFatMouth We offer a Same Day Standby service for $50 on U.S. domestic flts. *KM

@DeltaAssist THX. Now if I could only get someone on the phone. Waiting on hold …. Zzzz

@MyBigFatMouth Sorry for the wait. One of agents will be with you shortly. *KM

@DeltaAssist I waited 7.5 minutes first call and 11 the second time. Is there another way to confirm a standby for today?

@MyBigFatMouth You should be able to make changes to your booking as well. There’s an Online support team available at 888 750 3284.  *KM

At 9:24AM, I called 888.750.3282 and was on hold for 7minutes. Time was ticking away. If I had any chance of getting on the earlier flight, the only way I would get an answer, would be to travel to the airport. NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE. VERY UPSETTING.

@MyBigFatMouth You may try online at this link: http://twt.sk/UlfisF .  *KM

@DeltaAssist I have the app and all I can do is check in

I never heard another peep from @DeltaAssist, nor could I get anyone on the phone, so I went to the airport. When I got to the SPECIAL ASSISTANCE counter, there was a very long wait. I waited patiently for at least 15 minutes while people checked in their dogs, and oversized bags.

It might have been quicker to get someone on the phone (who was I kidding), so at 11:40AM I called 212.221.1212, and was on hold for 10 minutes.

Luckily,  it was finally my turn in line. I showed the counter person my boarding pass, and she said, “Oh, you can only change this for the SAME route, even though there were seats available on the non-stop.” STUPID POLICY NUMBER ONE.

But then she looked closer, and told me in a nasty tone. “This is a mileage ticket, you can’t change this at all.” It was as if, I was a pauper, who was just getting a free ride, not a loyal Frequent SKYMILES Flyer, who actually EARNED my ticket, by spending a lot of money on Delta and American Express. She made me feel like a second class citizen.

Disgusted and mad, I reluctantly checked my bag for this flight which was departing in 5 hours.

I declared my disgust on Twitter, and this time….not a peep was heard from DeltaAssist.

@DeltaAssist another wait of 10.5 minutes and no one EVER Picked up. Had to travel to airport to find out that ….part1..

@DeltaAssist you can’t go standby on mileage ticket. Now I’m 4.5 hours early for flight and PISSED. If only someone would answer phone

@DeltaAssist PS. If you have a mileage ticket that means you are a loyal customer. Why wouldn’t you give me the empty seat on earlier flight

@DeltaAssist did I mention I am really mad? #customerservice

I hunkered down with my computer, and did some work. At about 2:40PM, I received an email,  and a text to let me know, that my flight would be a bit delayed. No big deal. I contacted my friends in Los Angeles, to say I would be late, but we would still have an hour to spend together. 

At 4:00PM I walked over to my departure gate, and the sign said the flight would now be taking off at 5:55PM. They were making announcements that, if we had connections we should consider CHANGING our flights. CHANGE MY FLIGHT? Me? The second class citizen?

Luckily, this WAS ALLOWED. I quickly used the DELTA app and snagged the second to last seat on DL 1542 departing SEA to JFK at 9:49PM, which meant that I would be waiting at the airport for an extra 5.5 hours. TOTAL TIME IN AIRPORT 11 hours. ELEVEN HOURS! (Traveling back and forth to the city wasn’t an option, because the wait times were doled out in chunks, PLUS I had a big carry-on to shlep around).

I tried to look on the bright side. At least it was a nonstop flight.

Oh yeah, Dear Delta Airlines, at this point, I’m extremely pissed off.

Why wouldn’t DELTA given me the empty seat, oh so much earlier, in the day. Did I mention I’m pissed? What kind of policy is this?

Flight 2622 SEA to LAX finally departed at 9:25PM after equipment problems, more equipment problems, and at least 4 gate changes. I watched and spoke to passengers as they shuffled back and forth, on and off planes, and even more shuffling around the terminal. I could have been on this lucky flight.

So let’s re-cap. If I hadn’t snagged the second to last seat on that DL 1542, I would have either have gone to LA, where Delta would had to have put me up in a hotel, or I would have had to stay overnight in SEATTLE, where Delta would either have left me stranded at the airport on a chair or had to put me up in a hotel, paid for my meals, and transportation back and forth. Does this make good business sense, when you could have put me on an earlier flight THAT HAD EMPTY SEATS?

Why on earth wouldn’t you have changed my flight, instead of forcing me to spend 11 hours in the airport?

DL 1542 ended up being oversold, and Delta had to bump one passenger They gave this person a voucher for a FREE ticket, plus an upgrade to First Class.

So, it cost Delta on so many levels, to NOT change my FREQUENT FLYER ticket. If Delta had put me on another flight, they wouldn’t have had to bump someone from DL1542. 

Please keep in mind, if I haven’t been perfectly clear. I had this FREE ticket because I AM a VALUED CUSTOMER, or so I thought, until yesterday.

Dear Delta, the first issue, of no one answering ANY phones, is completely unacceptable. My husband and I may not be business travelers, who fly more often than we do, on someone else’s dime. We are just regular folk, who pay out of our own pockets, and deserve good customer service.

I hate to pull out the BLOGGER card, but that is what I do. I was in Seattle for a Blogger conference and my Twitter Feed, is @MYBIGFATMOUTH, for a reason. I have only written two, or three, (if you count the Martha Stewart debacle) negative blog posts in all my time blogging, but you have pushed me to the limit.

In closing, I expect more from DELTA, and look forward to your response. I will not post anything on any of my social channels at this point, as I am expecting some sort of apology from Delta Airlines.

I have spelled out everything you need to know in this letter, so please do not send me a canned response looking for flight numbers, or anything else. I have had to spend far too much time on this, as it is.

Oh, and one more thing. It’s now close to 7:00PM, and I am still waiting for my luggage, which of course, did not travel with me. I can only imagine when that will show up.

All my best,

Vicki Winters-Weinerman

Tel: 917.488.4942

Email: me@vickiwinters.com


Needless to say, I am now going to SLAM the internet with this story. You had your chance.

**** For the RECORD*********

Delta did honor me with a phone call shortly after posting this video. In not so many words, they offered me 15,000 Skymiles points to keep MyBigFatMouth shut. Should I leave this post up?

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