Where To Stay in Krabi Thailand?

One of my travel tricks is to use GoogleMaps. That is how I'd discovered Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort in Krabi, Thailand. Paradise indeed.

My Husband Needs To Go Phi Phi.

Back in 2013, Dan and I had visited hectic Bangkok, sexy Phuket, and relaxing Koh Samui.

We were headed back for our second visit to #AmazingThailand as attendees of TBEX Asia 2015, and this time around, Dan was hell bent on seeing the Phi Phi Islands, in the far west of Thailand. I know better than to stand in the way of my husband’s tunnel vision, so my wheels were set in motion. On the radar were:

  • Chicken Island
  • Koh Phi Phi Ley
  • Koh Phi Phi Don
  • Bamboo Island
  • Monkey Beach
  • Mosquito Island
Where to stay in Krabi Thailand
Phi Phi Island Boat Tour

Without the luxury of a PRIVATE YACHT, our best options would be to stay in one of the few hotels on Phi Phi Don, or to find a place in either Phuket or Krabi. From either of those locations, we could take a boat tour to visit the stunning islands.

Where To Stay In Krabi Thailand?

Phuket was already crossed off our Bucket List, and none of the hotels on Phi Phi Don looked all that interesting, so all I had to do now was to decide.

Where to stay in Krabi Thailand
Phi Phi Dan not DON

After endless hours scouring Travel Blogs, Facebook Groups, Tripadvisor, and i-escape.com, I had some rough ideas. Now, it was time to bring in the BIG GUN, GoogleMaps.

With GoogleMaps, you can choose a city, and see an overview of the area. Hotels, restaurants, and public transportation options will show up on the map. Then you can dive deeper, with a good understanding of what is nearby.

I’d gone back and forth trying to figure out:

After consuming massive amounts of data and viewing at least 100 properties, I reached out with my very first pitch letter to Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort with an ask for two nights lodging in exchange for some AWESOME media coverage on my Blog, Social Sites, Periscope and Georama.com.

I’d written to them because aside from the location and magnificent beauty of the Arabic/Thai styled resort, I was thrilled to learn that Anyavee (pronounced An- Ya- Wee) was female owned.

I’d also learned that all the senior management positions in the company are filled by females.

Anyavee’s owner got back to me with an offer I couldn’t refuse (this is the part that lets you know this blog post is sponsored on some level).

We would be delighted to help add to the local economy for everything else we’d need during our 2 days in Krabi.

Where to Stay in KRabi Thailand Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Krabi
Hotel Manager Kaewrunda (AKA Bow) and Vicki Winters in the lobby. “Sawasdee Kha”

Because of the time zone difference, I can’t even figure out the math, but suffice it to say we spent a VERY long time in transit, and were super pooped by the time we arrived at Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort.

  • 14.5 hours flying from JFK – Tokyo
  • 7 Hours flying from Tokyo – Bangkok
  • 1 hour Bus ride from BKK Airport to Don Muang Airport
  • 6 hours sleeping at Amari Don Muang
  • 1.5 hour flight from Don Muang to Krabi
  • 30 minute Van ride to resort
  • 12 hour time zone difference

Photos alone could not possibly do justice to  Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort. Our travel experiences are not judged solely on a property itself. There is something far more valuable to us when evaluating a hotel stay. The people, who work tirelessly to give a warm and memorable experience.

The entire staff at Anyavee embody all that Thailand is…. The Land Of Smiles. 

Please enjoy this slide show of our visit to Anyavee, Krabi, and Phi Phi.

5AM in Krabi, Thailand. I’m wiping the sleep, and the past 2 days of eye makeup and mascara out of my weary eyes. After a few hours of peaceful rest, the jet lag got to me. It was just as the sun was starting to rise in the cloudless sky over the Andaman Sea. The orange and yellow hues of the sun, mixed with the blues and greens of the Andaman Sea sparkled in the new day.

Anyavee Resort Tubkaek
Sunrise over Tubkaek Beach Krabi, Thailand

Click on the photo to view my Georama Tour of the beach at sunrise.


Krabi, a Thai province made up mostly of islands and archipelagos, is a popular destination for different types of tourists. Beach-lovers, scuba-divers, rock climbing enthusiasts and people interested in jungle treks, all flock to these easily accessible islands.

Limestone cliffs, idyllic beaches and warm waters certainly make this an attractive region of Southeast Asia for kayakers as well.

Kayaks at Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort
Kayaks at Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort


Prices at Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort start at $74 USD per night including a sumptuous buffet breakfast.

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