Where To Rent A Car In Lloret De Mar Spain?

Where to rent a car in Costa brava Spain
Spain is HUGE. This time we spent some time in Costa Brava, an area we knew little about. My friend's father actually lives there in St. Feliu de Guixolls, and I now understand why.
Where to rent a car in Costa brava Spain

In between TBEX conference sessions and our FAM TRIP to Terres de l’Ebre, Dan and I had 24 hours in which to do whatever we wanted. What we wanted was to explore Costa Brava Spain via rental car.

Where To Rent A Car In Lloret De Mar, Spain 

We asked the hotel concierge if he had any suggestions, as MOST car rental places in Spain are either CLOSED on Sundays, OR the hours are very limited. Did you know that??

Evenia Hotels connected us with ABA Rent A Car  whose owner, Sergio was awesome enough to come pick us up at the hotel and deliver us to our car for the day. After we returned the car, he also took us back to the hotel. Where To Rent A Car in Costa Brava?The 5 door manual transmission SUV (foreign brand that I don’t remember) cost us 50 Euros and was worth every single penny.

Where To Rent A Car In Costa Brava?

ABA offers a 10% discount for persons over the age of 55, and luckily (?) we qualified.  My facial wrinkles must have been the tip off. Time to embrace my AARP status.

IMG_1600Ready to explore the region, we were armed with everything we’d need.

  • Hard copy of Costa Brava map
  • Car charger (awesome SWAG from Costa Brava)
  • Extra battery from TYLT
  • Unlocked iphone 5S with $15 dollar Vodaphone SIM card installed
  • WAZE  app (better than googlemaps)*
  • Euros for snacks and drinks


Driving around Spain was simple with the WAZE app calling out directions. “Turn right at the first roundabout. Follow to the second roundabout and go right.” I have no idea why we had never used a European SIM card before, and our lives have been changed forever since this trip. No more only having data with wi-fi!


Once we hit the road, we were so happy to be in the car and on our own. Costa Brava is loaded with so many beautiful little towns. Each one more beautiful than the next.

lloret de mar

Our first stop after leaving Lloret de Mar, was St.Feliu de Guixols. Believe it or not, I actually know someone whose father lives there. Unfortunately he was not in town at the time, or maybe my friend just said that because he was too scared to have his father meet me.

Que será será!


Of course I had to pee by the time we arrived and was so thankful that this bar let me use the bathroom.


There was a nice flea market in town, and of course Dan and I couldn’t resist. Flea Markets are our thing.

Train at SFG


Residents in Spain are much more environmentally aware than Americans.

It’s quite sad and embaressing that we don’t care enough to even recycle in MOST of America.. #globalwarming



Pick up your dog poop.



I could live here.IMG_1709

Plant Grafitti- PLANTFITTI






We picked up some snacks at the farmer’s market.



No fresher eggs

The chickens actually lay eggs on the spot!



All day long, we zipped in and out of beach towns.


We crammed in a lot of coastal stops along the way. Just a few of them were:


  • Platja d’Aro
  • Platja del Racó
  • Palamos
  • Calella de Palafrugel
  • LLafranc
  • Aiguablava
  • Cap de Begur







You can ride this “car boat” out into the sea, climb up the ladder and slide down to swim! So much fun.

After checking out the beach towns, we cruised around Begur. Our last stop of the day would be Girona, to eat at the #2 Restaurant in the World, El Celler de Can Roca.

Stay tuned to see what happened there.


ABA Rent A Car

C/Valenti Almirall, 8

17310 Lloret de Mar

Tel: 34 972 37 43 12


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  • Elaine, I do love being able to stop any where at any time. I’m lucky that my husband is an amazing driver, although he can’t read any signs in foreign languages… I wrote a funny post “Lost In Translation” describing his “language barrier”. In Thailand they drive on the wrong side too. We drove around Phuket and Koh Samui and enjoyed that too..

  • Don’t you love the independent freedom of having a car to explore a new country? We did in New Zealand and although it was difficult to get used to driving on the left, it was wonderful to get out into the countryside.

  • Kristin, I know a lot of people do like the T-mobile plan. FREE DATA rocks. I might have to look into that next time my contract is up. Agree about the manual transmission. Luckily, my husband (Like Dustin Hoffman in “Rainman” is AN EXCELLENT DRIVER:-)

  • Good to hear you took advantage of a free day with a road trip. The best advice for car rental overseas, I agree, is knowing how to drive manual transmission. Our alternative to a SIM card, is using TMobile, where we have free data in over a hundred countries. So even crossing borders is a cinch, without having to stop to buy a new SIM card.

  • How awesome to live in Calella de Palafrugell for a month. It’s gorgeous there. The food, beach, views! I have so many pics it is difficult to choose which ones to post! #incostabrava

  • I’ve rented a car in the Costa Brava a couple times and it’s such a fun area to zip around and even better to savor – like my monthlong home exchange for a place in Calella de Palafrugell! It was fun looking again at places I love!

  • I think this area is perfect for having a rental car so you can come and go as you please and there are so many little places and stops that are perfect for driving. Please do share this on my link up for Travel Photo Mondays, love to have you join us today!

  • Betsy, I highly recommend driving around. We had rented from Eurocar in Bilbao (at the airport) once before, but they weren’t nearly as accommodating. I remember that no one there knew if we had insurance coverage with our Platinum AMEX, and we walk half way around the airport to go find wifi to make a phone call to AMEX to double check. I’ll never go without an unlocked phone and local SIM card with data plan again!

  • Thanks Donna. Yes, it was so beautiful. I’m lucky that my husband is an excellent driver. In NYC, our apartments have “recycling bins”, but nothing is spelled out clearly, and people don’t seem to care. The streets of NYC have garbage cans filled to the brim with Starbuck’s cup, newspapers, dog poop…all mixed together. SUPPOSEDLY all office buildings are required to RECYCLE but none of the employees ever do it. They throw everything wherever they feel like it and there’s always food mixed in with cans and botttle and paper and everything else. I know many people in FLORIDA that don’t recycle ANYTHING. We are lazy as a nation and when the government doesn’t make it mandatory……sorry for the rant.

  • A car rental sounds like a great way to explore the Costa Brava. I love your photos. Scenery is beautiful and the towns look inviting. The photo of the recycle/trash bins reminded me of my stay with my sister in Barcelona 2 years ago. We were in an apartment and the way we disposed of trash and recycling was in bins like this on the street corner. I’m used to being places where the recycles needed to be sorted, but even the trash items needed to sorted by category.

  • We enjoyed visiting many of the stops you made along the coast (our favorites are Palamós and Begur). Knowing where to rent a car in Costa Brava will make it easier for us on a return visit to reacquaint ourselves with a region we have come to love.