If you have either a lot of time, or money on your hands, its a SNAP to get your hands on a pair of SNAPCHAT SPECTACLES In New York City.

Where To Buy Snapchat Spectacles New York City?

It is only possible to buy Snapchat Spectacles from a POP-UP BOT that plops down in various cities all over the country, which ONLY sell a limited amount (number unknown) of Snapchat Spectacles each day.

I had to arrive by 10:30 AM in order to be guaranteed I could purchase a pair (limit 2 pair per customer) for myself. Since there is a BLACK MARKET for Spectacles, I intended to buy an additional pair to sell for a profit….

How To Know WHERE the Snapchat BOT Is Selling Spectacles?

Via a ticking down clock on snapchat website, you can see WHEN a BOT is going to arrive, BUT only when it ticks down to ZERO, can you see WHERE THE SNAPCHAT SPECTACLES BOT IS LOCATED.

So far, in the past few weeks, the SNAPCHAT SPECTACLES BOT has plopped down in:

  • Venice Beach, California
  • Big Sur, California
  • Catoosa, Oklahoma
  • Santa Monica, California.

AND New York City… at the BOT HOUSE – 5 E 59th St across from the Apple store.

So the NYC deal is completely different than anywhere else.

The SNAPCHAT SPECTACLES BOT in NYC is semi-permanent, meaning that it will be in NYC throughout the month of December (closed on holidays, Xmas eve closed)

NYC BOT House Hours Of Operation

Monday-Friday 4PM- 10PM

Saturday and Sunday 6AM-12PM

Yes, these are some weird hours, and I’m sure there were tons of meetings at SNAP, Inc. questioning, “When Should We Be Open To Create The Most Hype?”

It’s working.

And, here’s the KICKER. The BOT House opens at 4PM but you need to be in line at around 10AM M-F, if you want to secure that you can get a pair.

On the weekends, it’s probably best to stay up all night and head to the line at around 3AM.


I arrived at 10:30 on a Thursday morning at BOT HOUSE NYC, and stood in the POURING RAIN for SEVEN HOURS before I got inside!

Then there were another THREE HOURS before I finally got the hell out of there.

PLUS…Watch as this guy tries to cut the line and an ANGRY MOB goes nuts!


ONE thing that TOTALLY pissed me off, though.

The BOT wouldn’t take my CHASE RESERVE VISA. It doesn’t fit in the machine…..huh? I had to use my AMEX.

Was it worth it?

Am I crazy?

I’m still on the fence.

What do you think of them?

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