Best Wearables At SXSW 2014

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What’s Everyone Wearing At SXSW?

The most used buzzword in tech this year, is wearables. Nowhere was that more evident, than at SXSW.

Lucky for me, I’ve just returned with a suitcase full of free swag wearables, given to me by some of the coolest new tech companies on the planet.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…”Ooooooh, did Vicki get some Google Glass?

That cool new RING from Tokyo that texts with one finger mid-air?”

Misfit Shine?

misfit shine wearables

Sorry to say, no Google glasses yet.

I was gifted with the best wearables of all time.

Free T-Shirts.

My detailed research for this story, came from spending eight hours walking around the Austin Convention Center, talking to exhibitors, and being “gifted” with varying sizes and styles of wearables.

Some of them fit really well, some are super soft, and some go right into my husband’s t-shirt drawer.

SXSW wearables, tern bicycles

Equipped with the vine-making production skills, that I honed at Samsung Galaxy House’s Vine Studio, I created the below video vine to show off all the tees, in just 6 seconds.

Thanks to Meagan Cignoli and Saiman Chow, for your inspiration and help.

After careful examination and wardrobe changes, I’m here to give my nods and negs, in several different categories to the BEST WEARABLES AT SXSW 2014.

It isn’t only because I’m a seasoned fashion and tech industry pro, but I also have real time experience producing great swag t-shirts. This makes me uniquely qualified to judge these wearables.


Best Fitting: Tentsquare, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, SXSWBikes, Gigg.comMicrostrategy

Best Fabrication: Bella(50% Poly 25% Cotton 25% Rayon) used by  Digital Ocean, Tentsquare

Best Logo: Importio, WordPress, Gig Salad, Hootsuite

Best Association With An Event or Party: #goodidea @cronutatmidnight from Allison PR.

Most Unique and Kool Looking Old School StyleSquerb

Most Unlikely to ever be worn again: Meltwater Only because the shirt is huge, and my husband rarely wears hot pink….

Best Use Of A Hot Dog On A T-shirt: Chicago Made

Most Socially Good: Public Interest Registry, made by Sevenly, a company that gives $7.00 of each person to charity.

Best Guerilla Marketing: Leap2

Best Reminder of something to look forward to: Techweek

Best Association with a NY Restaurant: #Sethxsw, who brought Shake Shack to Austin for free. Thank you, USHG!

Worst Fabric: Gildan- Leap2, Chicago Made, Cronut @Midnight, Techweek- It’s just too heavy.

To the companies who really got it right, I’m so happy to have some great new workout shirts. To the ones who tried really hard…Don’t feel bad, I am a very tough audience, when it come to wearables.

Although I may never don their generous swag,  all of the  generous and  fabulous tech companies that I met in Austin at SXSW deserve honorable mentions.

There was one unnamed, cheap-ass law firm, that deserves  a slap on the wrist, for NOT giving me a tee.  Even though I said I was writing a blog post about them, they still refused. I guess they don’t know what power my BLOGGING holds.

I’m so torn. Should I mention their name or not? I feel like if I do, then they get some press, and if I don’t, then no one will know how tacky they are…

On another note, if anyone wears size large or extra large, I’ve got some wearables for you…Ping me.

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