Wearable Tech World NYC 2014- Video Interview with Pebble Watch Product Evangelist Myriam Joire

Pebble Watch, Myram Joire, Nick Warnock, Wellograph
Interview with Myriam Joire of Pebble Watch, at Wearable Tech World NYC 2014

Wearable Tech World NYC 2014

Tom Hatton and I spent some time interviewing some VERY interesting people, about the latest and greatest  WEARABLE tech products at Wearable Tech World NYC, 2014.

Myriam Joire- Pebble Watch, Wearable Tech World

Myriam Joire, Product Evangelist, Pebble Watch and I shared some fun time chatting about important things like Burning Man, and podcasting.  Follow Myriam on Twitter @TNKGRL.

As you know, I’ve mentioned that Pebble Watch is on my list  of top 3 MOST WANTED TECH PRODUCTS.  

Pebble Watch, Myram Joire, Nick Warnock, WellographDuring Myriam’s  informative keynote, I learned about the challenges of creating a watch that doesn’t require daily charging.

Wearable Tech World NYC 2014, Nick Warnock, Wellograph, Sylvia Heisel, Misfit Shine, Comhear In addition to learning more about the new wearable tech gadgets, I also had the privilege of moderating two informative, and interesting panels, during Wearable Tech World NYC 2014.

Clearly, I needed an apple box behind the podium, and YES, that’s my tiny head peering out.

As the moderator of a n interesting panel called “Looks Are Everything”, I made the decision, to open with a hard hitting question:

“If looks are everything, does size matter?”

Indeed, I uncovered that  size  DOES matter, when it comes to wearables.  “In order to keep wearables light and small, sometimes a company will have to forego some functionality,” according to panelist Randy Granovetter, CEO, Comhear.

Tom Hatton & Chris Cox, CEO,PivotheadTom Hatton and Chris Cox, CEO Pivothead.
Nick Warnock, Wellograph Watch, Wearable TechNick Warnock, Wellograph, showed off his sexy wearables. Both his suit and his watch:-)
Tom Hatton & Hillary Topper, Wearable Tech World NY 2014Hilary Topper, HJMT Public Relations ,shows us her Google Glass, which she uses hers to video record her show Wearable On Air.

Stay tuned for more from Wearable Tech Expo NYC 2014, including  a video interview with Chris Cox, of Pivothead.

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