Did you know that Virginia has some of the BEST Oysters in America?

As a Blogger/Actor/Brand Ambassador/BabySitter/Whatever, I take pretty much every job I can get, to pay the bills.

This job, in particular gig, was one hell of a DREAM JOB.

Visit Virginia 

For an entire hour, after someone professionally applied makeup and did my hair all pretty, I got to drink Champagne and eat Virginia Oysters.

And THEN…I got paid! (well I’m still waiting for the check, but that’s show biz sometimes).

Visit Virginia also ran this ten second version on Instagram.

Don’t BLINK or you’ll miss me!




Where did we enjoy these tasty fresh oysters from Virginia? At Maison Premiere, in Brooklyn, of course.

Thanks to the team at Spang TV for choosing me for the role. It was a dream job for sure.

Do you like, love or hate oysters? Tell me in the comments.


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