Is It Really A House, In The Backyard Of A Brooklyn Restaurant? I’m So Confused.

Vinegar Hill House is one of those Brooklyn restaurants, that you may have read about, or perhaps you’ve seen their booth at Googa Mooga and have been enticed to try it out. You know it’s one of those places that you SHOULD eat, but somehow, you never pass it on a bike ride, nor do you ever stroll by and say, “Oh, there’s that place, Vinegar Hill House. I’ve been meaning to eat there”. Those words NEVER come out of your mouth, because Chef Brian Leth’s restaurant, is located on one of those obscure cobblestone streets, near the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

72 Hudson Street, in Dumbo, to be exact. It’s almost as if it was chosen, as a secret, that only the cool kids will find out about it. And. We. Did. Vinegar Hill House

There’s No Place Like Home

Situated next door to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, this 120 year old building is top to bottom, gorgeous. Every layer of paint, every strip of wood, railing, window pane, meticulously cared for.

Not My Grandmother’s Chopped Liver

But forget the gorgeous decor for a minute, let’s talk about the food.

Vinegar Hill House


Not My Grandmother’s Chopped Liver

Chopped chicken livers always make me think of  my Grandma Reba, but this I’m afraid, did not share any comparison, with her “Old School” Jewish style, of cooking.

Chef Brian Leth’s version, or should I say vision, was super creamy, and had pistachios on top. I love pistachios. The wood plank was festooned (is that the right word?) with warm toasted sourdough, frisee that had a tangy mustard glaze, and a caramelized onion marmalade.

Vinegar Hill House

The octopus was grilled (it was a teeny weeny bit dry, but don’t tell anyone) and served with arugula, and a shmear of some fava beans, olives and buttermilk. I love the way the smear looks.

Vinegar Hill House

My chicken was roasted to perfection. You know how some chefs can just get the skin so crispy, and perfectly salted, and then the chicken inside is moist, and cooked to the absolute, most amazingly correct temperature? This was that recipe! Thank you, Chef!

Vinegar Hill House

Not A Meal Without Sugar For You-Know-Who

I really didn’t have room for dessert but Daniel did….what else is new? Chocolate sundae with coffee crumble and gooseberries. It was very chocolatey, but I can’t tell you much more, because I was on a little bit of a dessert hiatus.

I only had one bite, because I’ve promised myself to get back into those nice new pants, I bought earlier this year. Did I mention I had ANOTHER cronut this week? Ugh. It’s going to take a little longer than I thought to get back to a size 2.

Vinegar Hill House


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