I forced Dan to make an audition video with me in order to submit ourselves as potential contestants on “The Amazing Race.”

Dan doesn’t really love to be on camera, nor is he easy to work with, as you can see clearly for yourselves in our “The Amazing Race” Audition Video.

No, they did not call us.

Do you think we would be so cute on a show?? Let me know in the comments!

Vicki Winters

Thanks for being my guest on The Vicki Winters Show.

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  • Vicki — you’re my favorite!!!! What a bummer!! I would’ve totally watched you two on The Amazing Race!! You guys would’ve made the show!!!


  • I am a fan of the exchanges between you and Dan. I think that you two are actually very different (from each other) and that’s what makes you special. You guys feed off each other strengths. Maybe they needed to see you guys swimming with the sharks or Dan trying to skateboard in the snow? Oh… the adventures you’ve had! Either way, It was all of our loss because they didn’t give you guys a shot.

  • I think you would have been awesome (and maybe he was just nervous or thought it would be funny)but he just comes off as surly. I think that’s why they didn’t call. Bummer.