Urbanspoon “Dine Around” Seattle- IFBC

Urbanspoon’s Dine Around-IFBC Seattle

At IFBC conference in Seattle, Urbanspoon undertook a top secret surprise, dining adventure, for 345 bloggers. An International group of bloggers, with dietary restrictions ranging from Paleo to Pescatarian, Vegan to Meat Lover, were shuttled off, in secrecy, to some of the best restaurants in Seattle.

While trying to crack the code, I asked Laura Williams, Social Community Manager at Urbanspoon, to share some of the painstaking details, involved in the logistics and secrecy, of setting up the dinners, for so many picky foodies.

My group, composed of 10 bloggers, was driven (in secrecy) to Wild Ginger, on 3rd Avenue, where we feasted on more food, than anyone could possibly imagine.

Wild ginger, IFBC Urbanspoon

It was a great way to meet more of my fellow conference attendees, and I had the pleasure of dining with some amazing bloggers. Armed with our cameras and iphones, we Tweeted and Instagramed, with the hashtag, #spoondinner.

Urbanspoon Dine Around, IFBC Seattle

 What We Ate:

  • Spring Rolls
  • Steamed Shrimp Shumai
  • Wild Ginger Fragrant Duck
  • Steamed Salmon
  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Black Pepper Scallions
  • Sea Bass with Green Mango
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Green Curry Chicken
  • Baby Bok Choy
  • Sichuan Green Beans
  • Thai Noodles
  • Mango Sorbet

IFBC Wild Ginger, Urbanspoon

That’s a lot of food….even for me!

Wild ginger SEattleMy jeans were busting at the seams, after shoveling massive amounts of food into my big fat mouth, all weekend long at IFBC. I could barely get out of my chair.

Perry perkins, IFBC, Urbanspoon

Fellow blogger, Perry Perkins, Haute Meals, had given me the best tip, prior to the conference, and fortunately, I was prepared.

The following day, instead of laying down on the bed, and try to stuff 130 pounds into a pair of jeans, that are only equipped to handle 125, I wriggled into stretchy pants.

Thank you to Urbanspoon and Wild Ginger, for such a memorable evening. Oh, and of course,  a big ass thanks to Perry Perkins. The man knows his stuff.

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