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Our voyage on Fathom Travel would be seven day journey, a Bucket List Adventure of sorts. How often to you get to go on a cruise, while also making a difference in the lives of others. Fathom Travel's Dominican Republic cruise is less about lounging around the pool with a piña colada, and more about making an IMPACT.

*Disclosure- Fathom Travel invited me to experience this trip free of charge. All opinions as always, are my own.

Fathom Travel Dominican Republic Cruise

With eager anticipation, Dan and I, along with several of our Blogger friends boarded the magnificent ship Adonia for the SECOND time. Another Bucket List adventure was about to happen onboard Fathom Travel Dominican Republic Cruise.

You may know that we were supposed to set sail on the Maiden Voyage in early April, but that hadn’t happen exactly as planned.


Bloggers United!

With some gentle prodding from fellow “Boomer Travel Blogger” Noel Morata, several other eager beavers who had already joined a FACEBOOK Group who had already met online would at last get the chance to meet in the flesh. Or a bathing suit.

Our cruise to the Dominican Republic on Adonia gave us the chance to meet some new friends, share our life stories, and have more than a few laughs…and drinks.


In addition to Noel, our group of illustrious bloggers included:

Lora Wiley, Diary Of A Mad Hausfrau

David and Veronica James, Gypsy Nesters

Dave and Deb, The Planet D

Alexa Williams Meisler , 52 Perfect Days

Anna Everywhere

Lynn Lundstrom Belles and Rob Belles, Belles World Travel Cruises Inc.

Oksana and Max, Drink Tea and Travel

Michelle Hermann, She’s Going Places

Debbie Mitchell, Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

I’ve left out a few awesome people, but I’ll never finish this blog post if I don’t keep going.


All Ashore Who’s Going Ashore!

Upon arriving on board Adonia, we moved into our home away from home for the following seven days. Cabin C29 was a spacious, lovely, and very clean cabin with a balcony.


Thanks to the housekeeping staff on board Adonia, who are diligent and meticulous about their work.

I had actually forgotten to ask that the twin beds be pushed together into a queen, which turned out to be a good thing for my husband Dan.

More about that later.

Moments after I unpacked all of our stuff, I heard the LONG and LOUD blasts from the ship’s horn and we were finally on our way for the adventure of a lifetime.Fathom-Travel-Miami-Beach

As you may have read in another post, we’d been down this dock before… but sadly there had been a teeny little glitch. This time there was no stopping us!

Fathom-Travel-Day-TwoThere was the requisite “Blogger Posing” in various locations on board, and although I love having my picture taken… upon closer inspection I really should not have tucked my shirt into my pants.

But I digress.

Adonia is a smaller ship that holds only 700 passengers, and it was just the right size for me. My busy body nature would allow me to meet at least half of my fellow travelers during this week long adventure.

Everyone waved goodbye to Miami, as Adonia cruised past the beaches, packed with people.


Our voyage on Fathom Travel’s Adonia would take 2 1/2 days to sail to our one and only destination, Amber Cove, Dominican Republic.

Adonia only anchors in one location, because when it arrives in Dominican Republic, passengers get to take part in impact activities for the next 4 days. Yes, you are more than welcome to sit under an umbrella with a drink in hand, but that is not what Fathom Travel is all about. It is about making a difference and helping to  transform the future of families and communities for generations to come.

Impact activities:

  • Teaching English to Students and Community Members
  • Pouring Concrete Floors
  • Working in a Paper Cooperative
  • Making Water Filtration Devices
  • Reforestation (planting trees)


A Journey Of A Different Kind

On the way to making that difference in DR, Fathom Travelers still enjoy all the perks of any other cruise ship. My friends and I grabbed some drinks and positioned ourselves for some fun in the sun during the SAIL AWAY party on deck.


The weather was gorgeous, sea breezes blowing in our hair. Passengers were dancing on the decks, bloggers busy documenting it all.

Nothing in the world could have been any better, until………”the incident.”

Fathom Travel Dominican Republic What happened next, was not at all what I had expected or wanted.

I’ll be posting about it on my blog, so make sure you subscribe to get the scoop.

Let’s just say that Day number 2, was not so great.

Sign Up Now for HUGE Discount on Fathom Travel to DR

Because the concept of Fathom Impact+ is new, the ship was relatively quiet. There were a number of available cabins on our sailing…which turns out to be a good thing for you, my dear readers!

Here’s a little secret.

If you’d like to book this trip for yourself, Fathom is offering AMAZING discounts on the Dominican Republic sailing and if I were you, I’d take a good look at my calendar.

 Sign up here to find out more.

Booking Window  Additional Discount
May/June  $150/per person
July/August  $100/per person
Sept, Oct, Nov  $50/per person

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