Tuna Tour and Lunch In L’Ametlla De Mar

Tuna Tour L'Ametlla De mar
I say Daurada, you say Dorada.
Swimming with Tuna, then eating them for lunch. I'm so conflicted.
Tuna Tour L'Ametlla De mar

By this time, you’ve realized that I am not a TECHNICAL writer. At all. Whatsoever.

My blog posts are more about my personal enjoyment (and Dan’s too) of life’s experiences, than trying to explain any intricate details. If you ask me what any movie that I’ve seen is about….fuggedaboutit. If you want to know if it was worth spending your hard earned pay…I’ve got an opinion.

Our recent visit to Tuna Tour- L’Ametlla De Mar was no exception._DSC9010

As an OVER 50-something traveller, who lives life to its fullest, I give you the top down descriptions of fun things that you too, can enjoy. If you want details, facts and figures…….I’m afraid that the combination of ADHD, combined with Senior Moments, and a little short term memory loss thrown in, is going to prevent that from happening.

I can tell you:

  • How To Get There
  • Where To Stay
  • When To Go
  • Why It’s Fun
  • Who To Contact For More Info!

During our TBEX Europe 2015 FAM Trip, “Feel The Water of Terres de l’ebre, Dan and I were fortunate to spend some time with Lauren Aloise, of Devour Spain.

Lauren is a technical writer and you can read her explicit, and beautifully written details of the Tuna Tour, in her blog post here:

_DSC9048We swam with tuna, made friends with the tuna, and then ate the tuna’s friends for lunch at No Stress Restaurant in L’Ametlla De Mar, Spain.

As we pulled into town, we noticed they were dismantling the Bluefin Tuna Festival 2015. Turns out we “missed it by this much.” We’ll have to go back to check it out!

Tuna Tour L'Ametlla De mar
Tuna Festival


But that was OK, because we were about to embark on our own TUNA FISHING TOUR.

First things first. The Captain and team welcomes us with champagne. We rode all the way out to frigid deep sea waters.

Tuna Tour Boat


Squeezing into a wetsuit was a little challenging.


Push that cellulite in>>>>



My skinny husband didn’t have any trouble.

Tuna Tour



The water was cold, but the Bloggers all dove in!

_DSC9004This is the food that the tuna feed on.

Tuna Tour L'Ametlla De mar
Miles of Tuna Pens
Tuna Tour L'Ametlla De mar
Tuna Doesn’t Get Any Fresher Than This

After the swim, we were treated to a very many course lunch with wine, dessert and a lot of fun chatter and food photos.


More tuna!


How about some tuna?

Tuna Tour L'Ametlla De mar
Port of L’Amettla De mar

We strolled around the adorable town of L’Ametlla de Mar.

Tuna Tour L'Ametlla De mar
Fisherman bringing in their haul

We spied some fisherman untangling their nets.

Tuna Tour L'Ametlla De mar

The children loved watching the fishermen.

Tuna Tour L'Ametlla De mar

They were also a little perturbed and intrigued by Bobble Vicki.


Bobble Vicki ended up being a big hit!

Thanks so much to the tourist board of Catalunya for this incredible opportunity.

For more about this beautiful port town, here is a link to everything you ever wanted to know about L’Ametlla De Mar.

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  • What an interesting tour. I am not comfortable in water (unless I can touch bottom with my head and neck above it), so there’s no way I’d don the wet suit and swim with the tuna, but the food certainly looks inviting.