Terres de l'Ebre- Sustainable Tourism In Spain

Terres de l’Ebre Sustainable Tourism Spain

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, don’t leave this little known region out of your itinerary.

 Thanks to the tourist board of Sant Carles de la Ràpita for showing us so many things to do in Terres de l’Ebre Spain.


The Ebro Delta with its 320 km2, is the most extensive aquatic habitat in Catalonia and has a rich diversity of environments. River, sea, bays, beaches, dunes, salt marshes, riparian forest, coastal lagoons, river islands and make your natural teeth, and, along with rice, home to a great diversity of organisms (birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates …) adapted to different habitats.

This contrasts with the deep biological richness of human presence. In order to make possible the harmony between natural values and its use by the population, and at the request of its inhabitants, the Generalitat of Catalonia was founded in 1983 Ebro Delta (7,802 are ).

Park activities:

  • Discover the flora and fauna.
  • Enjoy the unique scenery of the Ebro Delta.
  • Rich landscapes for artistic photography.
  • Endless activities related to the sea.
  • Hiking trails and bike paths that run around the park.

Parks and natural areas are privileged places for sports and outdoor activities of all kinds. Whether it’s tourism or ecotourism as nature, take them out to the most beautiful corners of our country is a privilege. The management of national parks is facing the fact that visitors can enjoy their free time knowing, appreciating and loving nature and all its heritage values.

One of our many stops during our TBEX tour- “Feel The Waters of Terres de l’Ebre” included a fun boat ride with Captain Victor Viciana Marti, of Planetagua.com who drove us out to a floating restaurant where they cultivate mussels and oysters.

Captain Victor, an author, was kind enough to gift all of us with beautiful necklaces, that he personally made from stones he bought in the South Pacific, when he sailed around the world with his wife.

Things to do in Terres de l'Ebre
Photo taken through glass!
This is how mussels grow

We were given a lesson in mussel and oyster cultivation from Albert Grasa Català.

Mussels from the Ebro Delta are recognized as some of the best mussels in the world, according to several renowned chefs.

Musclarium -terres de l'ebre
Mussels growing on ropes


Awesome bloggers left to right: Sheila Dee, Evo Terra, Mary Love, Brett Love


Look at the view!


Mussels from the Ebro Delta are recognized as some of the best mussels in the world, according to several renowned chefs and I concur. There is NOTHING like having an oyster taken from the sea, cut open in front of you, and sucked down with some lemon. Yum!

For More Info About The Region

Alfacs Bay.
Sant Carles de la Rapita, CP 43540
Departures from the Marina de la Rapita

Telephone: 638 283 986
Email: turisevents@gmail.com
Web: http://www.musclarium.com

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