Things To Do In Terres de l’Ebre Spain

Everyone knows about Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and San Sebastian. Very few people have heard of this amazing part of Spain, located on the East Coast.

Where To Now?

Dan and I don’t normally take group tours, or do anything that is planned extensively. I really mean, we rarely plan anything. We march to our own band, and play it by ear.

One of the many perks of attending TBEX travel blogger’s conference, is that bloggers are treated to some amazing and meticulously planned FAM trips, both before and after the conference. A FAM (familiarization) trip is what tour operators and hotels do to entice Travel Agents to sell their properties.

Since today’s Travel Bloggers are the go-to’s for information about places to see, and things to do all over the world, we are now the ones, to whom these brand reach out.

So Many Tours, So Little Time

Out of the dozens of trips from which to choose, Dan and I chose a three day excursion called “Feel The Water” which took us to the Terres de l’Ebre region of Catalunya, a little known area that boasts its naturally preserved territory.

Although we have visited Pamplona, Vitoria Gasteiz, and several other areas in Spain, we’d never heard of this region.


This adventure filled journey, would not include any of our “de rigeur” travel activities which usually consist of:

It would include things we would not normally include in our plans.

It turned out to be more fun and educational than any of our “let’s just play it by ear” vacations.

Our hotels, meals, transportation and activities were all carefully chosen and meticulously planned for us.

We started off on a super comfy HIFE motor coach complete with wi-fi (happy bloggers), looking forward to visiting an area of Spain about which we knew nothing!

Alberto Folch was our tour guide for the day, and he was super informative about the region to where we were headed.

First stop: L’Ametlla de Mar to swim with the largest tunas in the world. 

Tuna Tour

Thanks to the tourism boards of San Carlos de Rapita, Catalunya, and Tarragona for putting it all together.

Who knew there were so many things to do in Terres de L’ebre?

In my next several blog posts, I will share each of the incredible portions of this trip, or click on the links above!

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