Eating With Family Is Always Fun

The warm Santa Ana breeze kissed me on the cheek as I exited LAX airport. Stepping outside I am greeted by that oh so familiar voice reminding me, “The White Zone is for loading and unloading only…No Parking”.

I love LA…so did my family. We shared some fantastic times there. When I say we, I am referring to me and my parents, Lowell, Alana Weinerman along with my 2 brothers, Neal and Stewzer. We left Miami for Los Angeles in the late 70’s-80’s and lived happily in a few different parts of LALALAND, from the Valley to the Ocean with a few neighborhoods in between. Not that we moved around that much (sarcasm).

Going home to LA would evoke some fond and some not so fond memories, and with that in mind, Daniel and I set out to re-live the past and pay homage to the Weinermans by visiting some of their favorite haunts and eating at some of their favorite places.

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