Gay Marriage Is Legal In NYC

Love whomever you want. It's legal! It's about time.

Lined up outside the City Clerk’s office in Lower Manhattan, hundreds of gay and lesbian couples waited excitedly in the heat and humidity to finally achieve some well deserved equality.


Volunteer Judges presided over many long awaited  as New York State expressly opened its doors to accommodate over 800 couples on a Sunday.

Many of the couples in line felt as if they had waited an eternity for this momentus day, when in reality, not too many others had waited longer than the adorable Terry and Bart.

Having waited over 49 years to finally get married, they had more than one reason to celebrate. Today is also Bart’s birthday.

Bart, looking ultra dapper in his bespoke tropical weight black blazer that was handmade for him in London in 1961, proudly opened up his coat and showed me the label that included his name, date of purchase and where it was made. It still fit him as if it were made for him….Oh, that’s right, it was!

After talking to this adorable couple and realizing that this line wasn’t going to go very quickly, I realized that standing in line at 97 years of age in 97 degree weather was not going to be fun for 4 hours (which is how long the wait was). I went into “Vicki” mode and started looking for someone to help get these fine gentlemen to the proverbial church on time.


I cornered a very handsome Officer Cadone, and asked sweetly if he could help, and with huge pride in his heart that was evident in his smile, he personally escorted the pair to the SPECIAL Entrance. I feel badly that I didn’t hang around and talk my way into being their witness, but I gave them my card and I pray that they call and say hello!

In addition to the super supportive NYPD, the street was packed with complete strangers who had gathered to give cheer and celebrate with the newlyweds who came from all over to get married in NY today.

Stella Barcolas, stood proudly as a witness for both of her children who each married their partners today. Elise married Jenna Glazer while her brother Eric simultaneously tied the knot with his partner Michael.

“We might be the first same sex sibling double wedding in New York state,” said Elise excitedly.


Just around the corner, the feeling of love and simpatico emanated in the muggy air. As each couple exited onto Worth Street, marriage licenses in hand, the crowd would cheer their congratulatory exaltations.

Some newlyweds shared long kisses with each other, others were trailed by their teenaged bridesmaids, while some clung tightly to their infants and toddlers. The love was palpable.

Excitement and joyful hurrahs were followed by bubbles, confetti, and flowers. Heartfelt and blissful joy shared on this special day with loved ones and complete strangers alike.

The Congregation and friends of Beit Simchat Torah, New York’s first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender, synagogue sang songs and danced the horah under a rainbow colored awning.

In addition to the requisite rice throwing, an adorable heterosexual couple handed out homemade heart shaped cookies at the impromptu party.

It is truly a great day to be a proud New Yorker and to have participated in this great affair!

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