What To Do When You Forget Your Swimsuit?

The sun was shining in France, so we went for a dip in the sea....sans swimwear.

Sadly, when we left dreary San Sebastian, to spend the day in France, Dan and I left our bathing suits in our hotel. The sun was shining in Biarritz, but the lack of swimwear didn’t exactly stop us from swimming in the sea.



If there had been a wet t-shirt contest, I would have won. At least in my own mind. My swimsuit consisted of a long sleeved white t and boy short undies that kept slipping off in the surf.



Dan opted to tuck in the label on his Calvin Klein undies, so no one would know.


It wasn’t all that easy to change without towels. We had a few laughs, and I snapped a few pics of Dan struggling to keep his private parts out of frame. He didn’t succeed, but I value his need to NOT show them off. He’s a little shy like that:-)

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