TBEX Costa Brava 2015 for Beginners- Eurail Sangria Party

TBEX lloret de mar,
Where can a Travel Blogger go to learn and shmooze with the best brands in the world? TBEX.

TBEX for beginners

What is TBEX, you ask?. Only the best travel blogger’s conference I have ever attended.

Why is TBEX so fantastic? Let me count the ways.

First and foremost, the organizers work tirelessly to provide everything you could ever imagine. TBEX Costa Brava 2015 was everything, and more.

Not my first rodeo. I’ve been around the block.

Although I am not new to Blogging Conferences, this was my first TBEX. Travel Blogger’s Exchange to be exact. TBEX 2015 Europe was held in Catalunya, Spain and the Red Carpet could not have been rolled out any further, by the entire region of Spain.

From tourist boards to hotels, restaurants, activities, museums and more, the Bloggers at TBEX were treated like royalty.

Parties and panels, food and fun times #incostabrava. Networking with brands and fellow bloggers, and of course, the all inclusive FAM trips.

Below is just a short snapshot video of some of the fun we had during the weekend.I take all credit for starting the dance party that begins at :45 seconds at the Eurail sponsored sangria party.

Travel Europe with the Eurail train pass

Planning a trip through Europe? The Eurail pass is your key to unlocking all of Europe’s treasures – at your own pace. Comfy trains, world-famous sites and countless memories await you.

Renfe is the train service that runs throughout Spain and part of the Eurail network. We did manage to take two RENFE trains during our trip post TBEX. From Amposta to Valencia, and Valencia to Madrid. The 2 hour plus journeys cost between $17-27 dollars each.

Rumor has it that Eurail gave away some free train passes to several of the Bloggers during TBEX, but I wasn’t one of them. I hope whoever won, made some good use out of the passes!

High Speed Train From Amposta to Valencia

Renfe eurail TBEX

TBEX Asia- October 15-17, 2015

If you’re a travel brand or a blogger looking for a great time, learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to network, don’t miss the next TBEX in Thailand!

And if you can’t make that one, check out TBEX North America in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

If you want to know more about TBEX, stay tuned to my continuing posts and please subscribe to my blog.

If you want to comment on what a good dancer I am, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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