Sunday Pig Roast- Stop “Hock”ing Me Already!


It’s so hard to live with a skinny man, who is in constant pursuit of BBQ’d meats, and sugary treats. For the past year, he’s been “hock”ing me to go to a Sunday pig roast, at Crown Victoria Bar in Williamsburg. I finally caved. IMG_8737

It’s all about the balance

Last Sunday, Dan and I hopped on our bikes, and zipped over the Williamsburg Bridge from Lower Manhattan, in search of his favorite food, pork. At least I would burn some calories, pre and post “pig” out.

chez jose

Pigs Flying In My Head

To tell the truth, the reason I was so hesitant to go, is because I was expecting something “Chipotle”-esque. In my mind, I was in for an evening filled with greasy, overcooked, sour creamy, cheesy, pulled pork tacos, that would be dripping all over my face and white jeans.

Furthest Thing From The Truth

Au contrair, my dear food lovers. This was a gourmet food feast beyond compare. I had no clue who was the chef behind this weekly pig roast, but If I had done any sort of research, I would have known that it was Chef Jose Ramirez- Ruiz, formerly of Isa, one of Zagat’s choices for a #30 under 30, and scholarship winner, James Beard Foundation.

chez jose

Not Just Pork? 

In addition to this weekly feast, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Chef Jose, along with gal pal, Pastry Chef Pam Yung, run Chez Jose, a BYOB pop-up, in a charmingly bare-bones, Williamsburg taco shop. They charge a mere $55 a head for an eight to twelve course prix fixe menu which to my delight, is vegetable centric!

For reservations email:


One Little Piggie Went To Market, This Little Piggie Should Have Stayed Home.

The farm raised animal, is brought in from upstate or New Jersey….sue me, I can’t remember which. My mind was fogged, with the smells of pig roasting, and romesco sauce brewing, when they told me from where it arrived.

What I can tell you, is that it was EXPERTLY prepared by John, of ENDS MEAT, LLC.

On The Chopping Block

With expert cleavering (is that a word), and superb cooking, John served us many different cuts of the pig. Every morsel of it was delicious, moist and tender.


“Let’s just have one plate of meat. I’m just going to have a bite of it. I don’t really like pork, you know that, ” I said to my husband.

HA HA HA. Who was I fooling? This meat was so succulent and moist, we went back for another plate full. There really is something to be said, about food that is farm raised, without any GMO’s and crap. We devoured it all.

All Good Signs

The chefs did an amazing job of preparing the side dishes that went along with the roasted pig.

  • Charred leeks with romesco
  • Chilled gazpacho with a drizzle of olive oil
  • Garbanzos with chorizo, inspired by Bar Pinotxo, in Barcelona.

Can I tell you something? Any time a chef references either Cal Pep or Pinotxo, I know I’m in good hands. I’m just saying.

Different Flavors Of Pig? Isn’t It All The Same?

Every Sunday, Chef Jose changes up the menu and offers a different variety of his pig dinner. Last week it was a Spanish theme, the week before, Vietnamese. Coming up, Chinese.

I’m the one who’s going to be “hock”- ing Dan, to go back again. After all, pork REALLY is the new chicken, isn’t it?

Anyone want to go with us next time ? I’ve got an extra bike or two…..

Check it out here:

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