Who Wants To Go To Space Camp?

Or should I say, “Who doesn’t want to go to Space Camp?”

Space Camp, is a bucket list adventure for practically everyone on the planet, both young and old.

Along with 9 other Travel Bloggers, I spent an entire day at Space Camp, and US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama as part of of Blogger Tour during TBEX Conference.

Pretending to be an Astronaut for one day at Space Camp was the MOST exhilarating things I’ve done in a long time, or possibly EVER!

OK, I just need to clarify…MOST of it was fun…everything except for the part where I almost barfed up my lunch.

Check out the SPIN on the Axis Trainer, one of the devices used to get astronauts ready for weightless ness.

Be careful watching this video. You might get sick just watching me rotate around.

We went as a group of bloggers as part of an all day Pre-Bex Adventure.

Check out this snapchat story to see me harnessed up and flying in orbit while learning how astronauts fix heat tiles on a spacecraft.

This part was SOOOOOO much fun and there was no puking.

For more information go to: SpaceCamp.com

Charlie Johnson, 87 years young..has been working at the Space Center since 1951.

Are you ready to take off!? Launch into the adventure of a lifetime when you join the ranks of Space Camp® where aspiring explorers train to live and work in space. This is your opportunity to command, navigate and contribute to a sophisticated space mission simulation.

Space Camp is located in Huntsville, Alabama AKA Rocket City.

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