Sous Vide Cooking At Home- Science In My Kitchen

Sous Vide Cooking At Home With PolyScience®, Innovative Cuisine Technology-

I’ll always remember my first time. I felt so mature after it finally happened. It was in the sprawling kitchen of Chef Jose Picazo, at Julian Serrano Restaurant, in Las Vegas.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking! I’m talking about my first introduction, to Sous Vide cooking.

Chef Jose gave Dan and I, a “behind the scenes” sampling, of his Sous Vide style culinary masterpieces. Although the science of cooking is a bit complicated to me, Dan was eating up all the knowledge…literally.

Chef Jose gave us a lot of knowledge about the process, but since I can’t remember anything anymore, I copied and pasted the following description, from the PolyScience® website.

“Sous vide cooking is used by the world’s best chefs to achieve amazing flavor and texture. The technique that relies on a precise, temperature controlled circulator. Food is vacuum sealed and cooked at a gentle temperature in a precisely controlled water bath.”

“It allows achieving perfect, repeatable results every time, which is ideal for delicate foods such as lobster or fish. Sous vide cooking is great for retaining vibrant flavor and texture in vegetables, and long cook times on secondary cuts of meat without drying them out.”

sous vide cooking at home

After School Science Projects- My Husband’s Favorite Things

My man Dan, who loves Science and Food, was hooked. He was determined to learn more about this technique of cooking food, to perfection.

A true food science enthusiast, Dan even made his own Anti- Griddle, from a block of dry ice, which was a success..of sorts.

The scientific properties of dry ice mixed with food, worked out well, but the dishes that he prepared…not so much.

When we received our very own Creative Series Sous Vide Machine from PolyScience, we were both eager to start learning and experimenting with Sous Vide style cooking.

Watch this video to see how much I enjoyed, My First Time.

At 2:30, there is a good laugh, guaranteed. 

As you can see, the process was simple, and the results, spectacular. It turns out that Science, is fun!

Stay tuned for more delicious After School Projects.

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