Sock Of The Month Club & Ted Rubin #TedSockie

When I see socks, I think of Ted Rubin's feet. Ted Rubin loves socks. Sock Club is a monthly sock subscription. Seems like a match made in heaven, so I matched up this pair!

Sock of the Month Club & Ted Rubin!

I LOVE socks. Socks are a lot of fun. Well, they can be. It all depends on your choices. You can wear boring socks if you like. But if you are fun and interesting you probably would love to join Sock Of The Month Club.

Social Media and Sox!

Whenever I see socks, I think of Ted Rubin, leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators.

Why do I think of Ted Rubin when I think of socks?

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Sock Lovers Unite! 

I think of him because @TedRubin loves pairing fun sock/shoe combos, and uses the hashtag #TedSockie to show off his feet on Social Media.

Rubin is also known for hashtag #JustBeNice, so when I spotted a WALL OF SOCKS on the trade show floor at SXSW, I immediately thought it would be nice to introduce these two brands to each other. Clearly the man knows what he’s doing because when I saw SOCKS, I immediately thought #tedsockie… in point.

Matchmaker Matchmaker….

Since it was the nice thing to do, I sent emails to make the match, and Sock Club in turn did the nice thing too (#JustBeNice) and decided to send me a little thank you.

Imagine my happy face when I opened my surprise gift from Sock Club.

Well, you don’t have to IMAGINE it, you can watch the unboxing here!

*Sock Club is an Austin-based startup that designs and manufactures American-made socks to service a broad range of custom clients and their sock-of-the-month subscribers. Using the finest combed cotton and materials sourced in the Southeastern United States, Sock Club creates high-quality socks the feature modern-classic patterns.

Three, six, and twelve-month gift subscriptions available at


Thank you SOCK CLUB! I love my new socks.

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