Have you been wondering how many snapchat geo filters there are in NYC, or do you not even know what the HECK snapchat is??? As a social media maven (self proclaimed) part of my job is to be a good snapper. See how many geo filters I found on a forty block bike ride down one avenue in NYC.

Have you been wondering how many Snapchat geo-filters are there in NYC?

Or do you just want to know WHAT THE HELL is Snapchat?

Either which way, you should know that brands are investing beaucoup bucks (French for a lot of money) in this little social sharing platform called SNAPCHAT.

See what some Social Media Gurus including Gary Vaynerchuk have to say about it here:

Many brands are spending money on SPONSORED filters, others are hiring awesome SNAPPERS like myself to take over their Snapchat feeds.

Snapchat Geofilters Everywhere!

I rode my bike from 34th street down to my neighborhood of Tribeca, to see how many snapchat geo-filters there are in New York City.

Enjoy my Snapchat Scavenger Hunt and make sure to follow my SNAP STORIES HERE!

Later this week I’ll be sharing some SNAP HACKS I’ve learned.

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