Daniel Delaney’s BBQ is getting us HIGH! Smokeline opens April 18 on the Highline

The Maestro Of Meat- AKA Daniel Delaney

Daniel Delaney’s, Delaney Barbecue has been chosen as Best Breakfast by New York Magazine. They have also dubbed Chef Daniel as the Smoked Meat Maestro, and rightly so.

After touring the country, boning up on the subject of smokers and learning the proper way to cook brisket, Daniel returned to NY, ready to share his passion with the rest of us.

Scientific Research- Pop Up Dining

A scientific food experiment, called Brisketlab, was a movable feast of pop-up dinners that were held in churches, empty buildings, and on rooftops. Daniel pre-sold $80,000 of meat, and personally carved over 3,200 pounds of brisket in 31 events held over 60 days.

Events included live music, brisket devotees, and fantastic food. When we attended our first Brisketlab, it was clear to me that Daniel Delaney was a man in love with his meat.


Best Breakfast in NY

Soon after impressing the masses and food critics, Daniel and his team opened Delaney Barbecue, an adorable restaurant in Williamsburg, which was recently voted  Best Breakfast by NY Magazine, and deservedly so.

In February, we enjoyed FREE Birthday meat at Briskettown. Yes, I said FREE. Briskettown offers a free birthday meal for anyone that signs up. That, my friends, is truly a gift. It is also truly a pleasure to be in the company of Chef Daniel. He is affable and adorable. I’m just sayin’.

Daniel Delaney at Social Media Week NYC

What’s Up Next?

It is only fitting that this mensch, Chef Daniel, would be enjoying a fun ride to the top. His team’s next adventure is Smokeline At The Highline which opens on April 18th.

His legion of faithfuls, including me and my meat loving husband are now going to be able to sample some new recipes that include lamb ribs, and an extensive pie program.

For more about Smokeline, read here.

Delaney BBQ by Vicki Winters

Congrats to the entire hardworking team, on all of the MEAT-ia attention.

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