Where To Sell Your Old Jewelry? Fabon5th.com

Don't call me baby.

Where To Sell Your Old Jewelry? Fabon5th.com

I’m in that age bracket, where, instead of getting dolled up with jewelry to go look for a man, I’m more often heading to the gym in workout gear, just trying to avoid death. In my jewelry stash, I’d held onto several items, for what reason, I have no idea. After looking closely at the inscription in my OLD Wedding Band, “With All My Love, To My Baby 12-29-79”, I almost puked.

First of all, I HATE when people call their spouse, BABY. Second, what the hell was I saving this for? The gold was probably worth something, and I could use the cash.

I decided that it was time to let go of this ring, as well as the one diamond stud earring, that I didn’t lose (as opposed to the other one)  from the pair Steve Hennick gave me, oh so long ago.

At FabOn5th, Andrew Fabrikant assessed my jewels, with the skill of someone who has grown up in the business. Actually, his family has done this for over a century.

“The gift is still a gift, only in a different form”, says Andrew Fabrikant. Thank you, to my ex-husband. I really appreciate your paying for my next vacation with Dan.


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