Chef Jose Picazo From Julian Serrano Las Vegas

chef jose picazo and raffi salines, julian serrano
Chef Jose Picazo is a master in the kitchen at Julian Serrano Las Vegas

What Happens In Vegas Should Not Have To Stay There!

It seems that many of the best restaurants, from all over the USA, are branching out to Las Vegas. Wolfgang Puck’s, Spago, Thomas Keller’s, Bouchon, and even Joe, is flying in his famous shellfish, from Joe’s Stone Crab, on Miami Beach.

Ahi Tuna Tempura Prepared By Chef Jose Picazo From Julian Serrano In Las Vegas

“Restaurant Of The Year”

Esquire Magazine chose Julian Serrano, as one of their “2010 Restaurants of the Year,” and I believe anything that John Mariani, or David Granger tell me, so that is where Dan and I decided to eat, when we travelled to Las Vegas.

The brainchild of its namesake, Chef Julian Serrano, also owns a few other restaurants in Las Vegas. He is intent on bringing authentic Spanish food, to a town known for being fake. His team, does it very well.

Julian Serano Aria Hotel Jose Picazo

It’s Just Bread With Cheese!

For some reason, the Spanish can do miraculous things with bread, tomatoes, and cheese. I can’t explain how or why, but the Pan con Manchego was so simple, yet so wonderful.

Jose Picazo, Raffi Salines, Juian Serrano, Esquire Restaurant of the Year

Masters At Their Craft

I was so excited, when Executive Chef Jose Picazo and Executive Sous Raffi Salines, came out to say hello to me! These two men,are so talented. They are both super hands on, while running the tremendous kitchen, and its huge staff.

sous vide, julian serrano

 Secrets of Sous Vide Cooking

Lucky us, we were taken on a tour of action, behind the scenes. Chef Picazo fed us some curiously unique gaspacho balls, and some chicken that had been cooked sous vide for a secret amount of time. He would not divulge his secrets.

Chef Jose Picazo, is one of the truly great masters of his craft. He is a passionate Spaniard, who takes great pride in both his knowledge, and his cooking secrets. I tried to pry a few details from him, but his lips were sealed.

Chef Jose Picazo, Esquire Restaurant of the Year, Julian Serrano

Saffron From Around Globe

Chef Picazo sources only the finest ingredients, no matter the cost. “Smell this saffron,” he said. It was divine. Then he told me how much it cost, and where it came from.

“Wow, “I replied. I could lie and tell you, that it was one of his secrets, but that wouldn’t be truthful. I’m just getting forgetful. It cost a lot, and it was from very far away, that is as much as I remember.

 It’s Always About The Pork With My Husband Dan

Although I wanted to order the paella, I acquiesced to Daniel’s pork loving taste buds, once again. Should I remind you that I am a BLOGGER (we don’t as a rule make a lot of money), and if I want to eat out, my husband picks up the tab? Pork, it shall be.

This was a porky, beefy, creamy, yet delicious dish, which prevented me from keeping my pants buttoned, and from ordering dessert.

chef jose picazo, julian serrano, las vega

I Wish My Stomach And Bank Account Were Bigger 

Although we devoured everything we ordered, there were so many other dishes, I would have liked to taste.

Kevin Eats, who has a blog post here, ate a lot more than I did (he probably has a paying job) when he visited, so be sure to check it out, to see what we all missed.

Does What Happens In Vegas Alway Have To Stay In Vegas?

Julian Serrano is doing very well in the Aria Hotel. Business is great. The High Rollers are spending their dough on very expensive wines. For those that don’t want to spend too much, the food really is not that costly, and there is an early bird tasting menu as well.

Chef Picazo shared with me that Julian Serrano and his team are hoping to bring their Spanish cuisine to New York City some day. I hope that happens soon, because I still really want to try the paella.

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