In 2017, my 60th birthday was one of the worst days of my entire life. This year, upon winning a free airline ticket to the city of my choice, I chose Montreal, Canada.

“Act Like You’ve Been Somewhere,” was one of my mother Alana’s favorite “Alana-ism’s”.  She’d say it when she wanted to remind us to have good manners. I’d never been to the super fancy Ritz-Carlton in Montreal, but you can be damned sure I was going to put my napkin in my lap while I was there.

Ritz-Carlton Montreal has been standing majestically at 1228, Rue Sherbrooke Ouest since 1912, and has recently undergone a four year transformation that is utterly spectacular. Located on the most elegant street in Montreal, the Ritz-Carlton is RITZY, but by no means stuffy.
Ritz-Carlton Junior Suite

Her decor is classy and old-timely, with a modern luxurious touch of elegance, and environmentally conscious engineering.

Little Things Mean The Most At Ritz-Carlton Montreal

Having stayed in many of the fanciest places all over the world, I am no stranger to FIVE STAR luxury hotels but, I never get tired of the little things that make a guest feel special. I appreciate all of the effort that every single staff member undertakes, that goes into creating a luxury hotel experience.

In addition to the state of the art swimming pool, meals from Maison Boulud (Chef Daniel Boulud), these are just a few of my favorite little things I enjoyed at Ritz-Carlton Montreal.

  • A handwritten welcome note from management
  • Fabulous Asprey bathroom amenities
  • Electric window shades
  • Magical Toilet (see video for details)

Ok, electric window treatments aren’t exactly a small thing…but they are really cool!

In this video, you can get a glimpse of how FABULOUS everything is at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal.

In addition to being upgraded to an exquisite Junior Suite, I was invited to enjoy high tea and scones with the affable and joyous Magda Sabella, Director of Sales. Magda has been with Ritz-Carlton Montreal for THIRTY SEVEN years, which speaks volumes about this property.

Afternoon Tea In The Palm Court

Just as I was enjoying my tiny little egg salad sandwich, who should happen by the famous Palm Court?None other than the Executive Chef of Ritz-Carlton’s Maison Boulud, Chef Daniel Boulud! 

Chef Daniel’s pastry chef, Ms. Claude Guérin, was named best Pastry Chef Canada 2017, and after enjoying the complimentary breakfast buffet that comes along as a preferred partner perk, I can honestly say this was some of the BEST FOOD in Montreal.

Can we talk about the almond croissants?

Every single staff member is authentic, genuine, kind, warm and friendly. They even have a Robert Deniro look alike restaurant server, named Salvatore.

I picked up a key French phrase from my new friend Magda, that describes my three days at the Ritz-Carlton Monteal….”Mon Dieu!”

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