Best Place To Rent A Bike In Portland, Oregon

To Bike Or Not To Bike-There Really Is No Question

Portland, Oregon is a gorgeous city, filled with sights to see, bridges to cross, and of course restaurants, in which to eat. In order to see as much as possible, renting a bike in Portland is a MUST, for so many reasons.

Where NOT To Rent A Bike In Portland, Oregon?

At Cycle Portland Tours Bike Store, they will charge you $30 dollars for a day’s rental, whether you pick it up at 9AM or 3PM.  It is still the same price, and it needs to be returned by 6PM.  Since it didnt seem fair to charge the same for 3.5 hours or 10 hours, I asked the guy to cut us a deal and for my money, $30 dollars is a LOT of money for such a short time.  He flat out said no way, no how. The mean man wouldn’t budge. He didn’t know who he was talking to.

I told him where he could put his bike saddle, and we walked a few short blocks to Pedal Bike Tours, where they are so much nicer.


They were happy to cut us a break, and now I am more than happy to show them massive amounts of love on my blog, Tripadvisor, Twitter, Facebook and more. See how that works?

BEST Place To Rent A Bike In Portland, Oregon!

At Pedal Bike Tours we paid $40 dollars each, to use the bikes from 2:30PM Saturday, until 9:30AM on Monday. The MEAN man, at THAT OTHER PLACE wanted 40 dollars for 24 hours…which is why I’m showing my bike rental LOVE to Pedal Bike Tours. You should too.

IMG_3639Pedal is located, super conveniently I might add, at 133 SW 2nd Avenue in Downtown Portland.


As a matter of fact, we rode our bikes from the hotel with our luggage strapped to the racks, dropped off the bikes, and walked 3 blocks to the Tri Met to catch the train to the airport….

Voodoo DoughnutAdditional bonus points for being located, only 2 blocks from Voodoo Doughnuts, where Dan was able to pick up his breakfast for the plane ride home.

Did I mention that Pedal Bike Tours, has an amazing assortment of bike clothing, and all sorts of cool high-tech bike gear? There, I’ve just said it.

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