Can A Pie Crust Be Recycled or Reused? According To My Husband, Yes It Can.

Pie Crust Do Over!

I often make fun of my husband when he tries to re-use something. As a matter of fact, sometimes I even yell at him (can you believe it?) when he won’t just throw something away.

Look at the cute birdie on the top!

Eating…My Words-

This time I’ll have to eat my words, right after I devour the chicken pot pie he prepared with the crust that I bludgeoned that was supposed to be for the pie party. I insisted it was unusable, but he was going to prove me wrong, which he did. And since he had made it the day before Hurricane Sandy struck NYC, we didn’t starve to death this past week.

It was a melange of flavors and ingredients.


Post Sandy Food-

The food that was in the fridge 5 days post SANDY, is another story all together.  But that will have to wait for now. We are both very busy trying to get important stories from people who have lost so much during the hurricane and its aftermath.

We were LUCKY that we only lost power for 7 days and had to climb 28 floors every day. Everything we see every day is almost too much to bear, but we will persevere and try to help others.



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