Rachael Ray’s Feedback- Best Party At SXSW!

Rachel Ray's Feedback

Rachel Ray's Feedback

My Last Supper At SXSW 2013-

The newly acquired muffin top, cascading over the waistband of my jeans, is a subtle, yet fond, reminder of “MY LAST SUPPER” in Austin during SXSW 2013. This delightful addition to my waistline, was provided by the good people, at Rachael Ray’s Feedback.

Rachel Ray's Feedback SXSW at Banger's

Stuffed Like A Pig-

Due to a teeny little screw up, Dan and I accidentally missed our flight home on Wednesday. It really wasn’t an accident…my husband got the details mixed up. It turned out fine, though.

Thankfully, Starwood’s Sheraton Hotel was able to squeeze us back in. It certainly helped that we are loyal SPG members.

Rachel Ray's Feedback

So Many Sausages, So Little Time-

Thank you Rachael Ray’s Feedback, for inviting me to eat and drink myself, right out of my size 4 jeans.

Rachael’s carefully selected, and deliciously prepared menu, provided something for everyone. Sausages made from pork, beef, chicken, and my personal favorite, beets with goat cheese!

Banger's Bash At SXSW= Rachel Ray's Feedback

Pass The Mustard!-

Just when I thought I couldn’t eat one more bite, a waiter walked by with a tray of corn dogs. How could I refuse?

Rachel Ray's Feedback SXSW
Best. Party. Ever.-

Feasting and dancing the night away at Rachael Ray’s Feedback, was THE best night that I’d spent in Austin, during SXSW. No, I didn’t have room for dessert, but that didn’t stop me, from eating a whole slice of strawberry shortcake.

Burning Off Some Calories-

Bands played, booze flowed, and I tried to burn off a few calories by dancing, to some of the bands that were playing, but that didn’t really help. My gut still runneth over.

I’ll be working out and counting the days till next year in Austin. I can’t wait to go back to SXSW!

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