Who Knew Queens Was Such A Foodie Destination?

Riding along in the backseat of a car, accompanied by The Nowhere Men, and Ariel Viera,   I was fortunate to spend the day enjoying some great food, good laughs and a bit of food education taught to us by Joe Distefano, the legendary FOODIE from QUEENS.

Check out this Video from my idols, The Nowhere Men. Why are they my idols, you ask. Well, just watch and see, how they do what they do. And they do it really well.

Brian Doochin, Alex Portera, Eric Messinger AKA The Nowhere Men, are three of the most talented  and adorable young men I have ever met.

TNM produce AWESOME two-minute videos, of the amazing people that they meet all over the world.

Their backstory: “We ditched our stable jobs to do the Mongol Rally – a 10,000-mile drive from London to Mongolia. But that only sparked the wanderlust fire within us. Next up we spent 13 months driving 20,000 miles through Latin America, from NYC to Tierra del Fuego (aka the End of the World).”

I love these guys, and they are mega talented. Check out more of their videos here.

On another note, who knew Queens had so much food diversity?

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