What happens when the stomach bug hits while you're on a cruise ship? QUARANTINE! ISOLATION! Not so much fun, I can tell you from first hand experience.

*Disclosure- Fathom Travel invited me free of charge to experience this journey. All opinion, as always are my own.

Fathom Travel – Adonia Arrives in Amber Cove!

After 24 hours of being quarantined in my stateroom, I woke up on Tuesday morning just in time to see a spectacular sun, rising over Amber Cove, Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic.

The view was spectacular, and the weather was gorgeous.

I, however had been sequestered in my cabin for the past 24 hours and was not completely happy (understatement) about the situation.

day three fathom travel



Amber Cove, a complex of shops, restaurants, along with a humongous pool replete with water slide was built specifically for Carnival Cruise corporations ships, and I could NOT wait to set foot on land to check it out.

Did someone say WATER SLIDE!!!

But I digress..

I was feeling so much better after sleeping away most of the day before, so I had no doubt that when the medical team called to check in on me, they would be letting me out of solitary confinement and I would be off to do what I came there to do.

The first IMPACT ACTIVITY  that I had signed up for was “Teaching English to Students”, and I was so excited about the opportunity.

Quarantined On A Cruise Ship

But alas, that turned out to be wishful thinking on my part. As the Medical Team had instructed me, I was still going to be sequestered in my cabin for another 24 hours……..Fathom Travel Quarantine

 My day in isolation on board Adonia consisted of:

  • Staring at the gangplank and watching passengers come on and off the ship
  • Looking at the view and wishing I were there
  • Writing a blog post for TBEX
  • Creating a snapchat story (see below)

Grant it, the view was lovely, but PLEASE…..LET ME OUT!

I couldn’t even sneak out, because my keycard had been locked. If I even I tried to get off the boat I would be busted.

Leaving my room was not an option either. Had I attempted that risqué move, I’d have been locked out and found out.

I’m not sure what the punishment was for that but I wasn’t messing around with any mutiny situation.

At some point in the early morning (I think it was right after my magnetized camera lens fell off of my iphone and into the water below), I was hungry for a meal.

Room service offered me a lovely, curated meal selection (said facetiously):

  • Poached Fish
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Toast with Jelly
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Steamed Rice


The poached fish was gross, but the grilled chicken and toast hit the spot.IMG_0789

So while my fellow Fathom Travelers were enjoying meals like these….

I was not enjoying the same delicious food selections.


Life is not fair sometimes…..The good news is that Dan brought me some delicious desserts from the buffet which you can see in my little snapchat video of the day.

My time in isolation was going to be over the next morning, and I was anxious to do what I had come onboard Fathom Travel to experience.4

A chance to make a difference…

Stay tuned for Day Four.


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