Poly Science Sous Vide Cooking At Home Tips and Tricks-

Tips For Sous Vide Cooking With Poly Science, For The At Home Chef-

I love cooking with my new machine. It is extremely easy-to-use, and even if I use inexpensive meats, I come out smelling, like a hero.

Do I need to mention, yet again, that Food Blogging is not making me rich (hence the cheap meat)?

The Sous Vide Professional™ – CREATIVE Series Immersion Circulator makes achieving the amazing flavors and textures associated with sous vide cooking, exceedingly simple and exceptionally affordable.”

Tips From Miss VIcki’s Kitchen

A key ingredient in the set up of the Poly Science Sous Vide Professional™ Creative Series Immersion Circulator, is to keep the water bath covered. Most users put plastic wrap on top of the water bath, but my SCIENTIFIC husband, Dan, likes to do things his own way. Bless his heart.

This time, my inventive Chef/Inventor/Husband came up with something VERY clever AND useful. And it works really well too! Bravo Dan!

Yes, I know I’m wearing my bike helmet, but my hair wasn’t looking all that great. Dinner, however, was STELLAR!

Thanks, Poly Science.

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