Emile Henry 14.5-in. Glazed Flame Top Pizza Stone, Rouge
I Splurged On The Emile Henry Pizza Stone

How Hard Could It Be?

After aceing my PIZZA CLASS last month, I was positive it would be “easy as pie”  to make my own at home. All I kneaded, I mean needed, was a pizza stone and a few ingredients. It’s so simple, or so I thought.

Again, since I don’t really cook, this means that preparing sauce might be problematic, but I was willing to give the ol’ college try. Lucky for me, Whole Foods Markets, carries pre-made pizza dough AND sauce. Simple. As Pie.

Whole Foods Pizza Sauce Made It Easy



No, really. I’d already mastered the art in my class. Next stop was the kitchen equipment store. I scanned my iphone for reviews, and settled on the pretty red one. I chose my stone carefully, but ignored the flat wooden thingies, that were in the same aisle.

This mysterious flat wooden paddle, that I so flippantly overlooked, looked more like a sex toy than a cooking tool.  Sadly, it was actually a pizza paddle, which would turn out to be the missing ingredient, in this recipe. It would have allowed me to make a pizza crust, that wouldn’t bunch up like a tight pair of underwear. These paddle thingys are used to slide the dough, on to top of the stone easily, and help it stay in tact.

Not Exactly The Look I Was Going For

Stretching The Dough

Clearly my first pizza wasn’t pretty, by any stretch of the imagination. But it was, somewhat edible. Even with that extra spritz of olive oil that I poured on top. A tip that I learned from the Master, Dom Difara. My pizza was iffy, at best.

I should have spent my time, waiting in line at Rubirosa , Difara‘s or Nicoletta, instead of all the shopping, research, and kitchen clean up, I had to endure. Next time, I’ll know better than to think, that I could easily master the craft.

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