How To Get To Pig Island? Where Is Pig Island?

How To Get To Pig Island? Where Is Pig Island?

Last year, I took a quick day trip vacation, to Pig Island. I know you’re thinking, “I was really good in Geography, and I’ve never seen Pig Island on a map. So, where the heck is this mysterious place?”

Can I Find Pig Island On A Map?

Last year’s extravaganza of all things pork, Pig Island 2012, was held on Governor’s Island, and this year’s iteration of the event, would be held in a whole new location. Decidedly, to show some love to Red Hook, Brooklyn, after it’s devastation from Hurricane Sandy, Pig Island’s new location, was a gorgeous waterfront park and promenade, right next to IKEA in Red Hook, Brooklyn. pig island 2013 Water Taxi Is The Way To Travel To Pig Island

My pig loving husband and I, took our bikes with us, over to Pig Island 2013, on the free New York Water Taxi, from the South Street Seaport.

On Pig Island, New York Water Taxi had a “spin the wheel” game, offering guests, a chance to win some great prizes. When Daniel tried his luck at spinning the wheel, he won 2 FREE tickets to use on a Circle Line cruise! Cha-ching! THANKS, Circle Line! pig island Did You Say Free Beer? A

fter my pork and beer loving man, Dan, spotted one of the many beverage tents, serving all-you-can-drink, Sixpoint beer, Cliffton Dry Sparking Cider, and hard ciders from Naked Flock, that was the last I saw of him, for the next hour or so.

Dan was a kid in a candy store…or ham/liquor store, as it were. pig island Jimmy Carbone Gives Good Karma

I set off, to shmooze with the Chefs, and I happily, ran into the genius behind Pig Island, Mr. Jimmy Carbone. I got to spend some time chatting with the affable and adorable man, behind Pig Island.

In addition to being the owner of Jimmy’s No. 43, the effusive and ebullient Restaurateur, is the creator of, Food Karma Projects. Known for producing some of the best, specialty food and craft beverage events that benefit several non-profit community groups, Jimmy and his Food Karma Projects, are taking Karma, to a whole new level. Jimmy Carbone, Pig Island Gotta Go Pig Out

I didn’t want to leave Jimmy’s embrace, or his magical aura, but needed to fill up on some pork. After all, some 25 NY chefs, had gone hog wild, preparing 80 locally sourced pigs, all from Flying Pig Farms.

Try as I might, to sample all of the great food and beverages, between all of the shmoozing and photo ops, I only managed to sample about 1/2 of the dishes, on Pig Island. pig island 2013

Chef Michael Jenkins (Butter), wowed the crowd, with two fun takes, on classic dishes. Pig Is;and 2013 Butter McMuffin (don’t tell Micky D’s).

pig island 2013 Butter’s dessert was a Lardo Glazed Cinnamon Roll, with Bacon Bits and Raisins. Not your grandma’s Cinnamon Bun. Pig island 2013 Fort Reno, Brooklyn

The longest line of the day was constant, over at Fort Reno. Their smoker, that gets carted around on a bike, was responsible for creating delicious Pulled Pork Sliders, with House-Made Slaw and Pickled Vegetables. pig island, hecho en dumbo Hecho En Dumbo

I enjoyed watching Chef Danny Mena (Hecho en Dumbo) cooking over his hot flames. After all, he’s got those sexy Latin good looks. He was quite the spicy dish, I mean, his Grilled Meatballs in Burnt Chile Sauce, was quite the spicy dish. pig island 2013

New Jersey Chefs Can Cook Too! Who Knew?

Jesse Jones, Private Chef and Instructor, along with Chef Doug Keiles (Ribs Within) made something really unique, called Pulled Pork Strudel with Carolina Slaw and Sweet Hannah Sauce. pig island 2013 MMMMMM! Or Nom Nom, as they say! pig island 2013 Noodles Made From Pig Skin? I’ll Have Some Of That!

Chefs George Weld and Evan Hanzcor (Egg &Parish Hall, Brooklyn) prepared Spicy Sausage over Pig Skin Noodles. I have no idea how they came up with this, but the noodles were crunchy and so tasty too. pig island 2013, What Was My Favorite Food On Pig Island?

My favorite pig was prepared by Chef Peter Giannakas from Ovelia, in Astoria. It was a Greek recipe made with oregano and olive oil called, “Kontosouvli.” They cooked the Slow-Roasted Rotisserie Pork on skewers. So very Greek! I kept trying to get a photo of their dish, but somehow there were too many people standing in my way, and I couldn’t get a good shot.

pig island 2013

Good Times Were Had By All

The atmosphere was wonderful, the food outstanding, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more, except for another stomach, and a pair of stretchy pants. Everyone who was there was in great spirits, and really seemed to enjoy the day.

I ran into Jackie Gordon,  Singing Chef, Producer, and Star of “Chocaberet,” who of course, was having a blast!

pig island 2013This Chef was happy, but the pig…not so much.

pig island 2013

 Everyone was out in the sun, having a good time.

pig island 2013Watermelon Pig Carvingpig gave out umbrellas which came in handy to keep the out the harmful UV rays.

pig island

New Friends And Family Fun!

Finally, these are my newest BFF’s. Adorable Aidan, and his parents. I met them at Pig Mountain last month, and they let me take some photos of him. I adore photographing children, and this family is just too adorable, NOT to share in my blog post.

If you missed Pig Island 2013, have no fear. It will take place again next year. Just don’t look for it, on a map. You can discover it here.

Thanks to Jimmy Carbone, and his Food Karma Projects, for making it a wonderful day on mysterious, Pig Island 2013!

To find your way to Pig Island 2014, go here for tickets, and say hi to Jimmy Carbone!

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