Why I Love Being A Food Blogger- Pie Party

Why do people become Food Bloggers/

Pie Party Pot Luck- Jackie and Ken’s Pie Party Pot Luck is one of the most anticipated Food Blogger events of the year, and one of the best.

Only 60 Lucky Food Bloggers get to attend this hot ticket, intimate and decadent affair.

Everyone is required to bring a sweet or savory pie, in order to get in the door, where 60 delicious and innovative pies are shared, savored, tweeted and instagramed.


Foodie friendships are formed, and solidified. Jackie and Ken’s Pie Party, is but one of the reasons, why I love being a Food Blogger. We EAT Collage

Little Miss Local , Justine Ma (bottom, left) thought she was going to win the OXO prize with her cute tattoo, but my neck @tattly was the winner. See below.

Most. Awesome. Hosts. Ever. Ken and Jackie, (upper and lower right).

Food Bloggers Love Generous Sponsors And The Sponsors Love The Food Bloggers

Generous sponsors Kerrygold, Jarlsberg, and OXO, provided the  lucky guests,  with ample amounts of butter, cheeses, and baking tools ahead of time, so we could make the best pies possible. IMG_3051Massive amounts of additional love, was shown from Dub Pies, Snapware, Anolon, Wüstoff, and GE Monogram showroom, came in the form of great gifts that were provided in our swag bags, and  contest prizes for giving good tweets!

If At First You Don’t Succeed…Phone A Friendly Food Blogger 

After my major fail at the last Pie Party Pot Luck, I was determined to have a better showing at this year’s event, but I wasn’t off to a good start.

My first pie crust attempt, was a mushy, moussey mixture. It was way over mixed, and I used 4 times more water, than necessary. Kerrygold

I reached out on Facebook for some Food Blogger advice. Jackie offered,  “Go buy a crust.”

“Oh Yee, of Little Faith. I AM BAKING A CRUST,” I wrote back.

I tried the recipe again, butthere was something wrong again. This one was rubbery and gross.

If at first you don’t succeed, definitely, phone a friend. The lightbulb went off in my head. 

Who would know better than Kate McDermottPie Maker, Teacher, Practitioner of Kindness?

Kate, (Pie Camp) McDermott, my savior, totally saved me from Pie Party Embarrassment, with her kindness. I will forever be indebted to her.

PicMonkey Pie Party Instructions During our conversation, I jotted down more than a dozen Post-It notes, while Kate assured me that I could pull it off this time.

I put my faith in her explicit directions and hands.

As instructed by Kate, EVERYTHING went into the freezer to keep it all as cold as possible.  Bowls, blades, flour, butter.

“Keep your hands as cold as possible. Dip them into ice water, if they get too warm.”

“The kitchen must stay cool, at an ideal temperature of 52-55 degrees”.  I threw open the windows, and put on a hoodie.

“Don’t try to make a crust when the oven is on either, as it will make the kitchen too hot!” “Grate the frozen butter,” she told me.IMG_3038 “Mix the dough by hand. Roll it out with flour. Don’t let it get warm. Don’t be afraid.”

I used a little too much flour while rolling, but it still worked out all right.

I’m going to spare you the details of my sautéing and stirring, and cut right to:IMG_3069

The Finished Product-  May I be perfectly blunt and say, “My Pie Was Awesome”. Ok, I just did.

Pies Collage  We Bake. We Eat. We Photograph.  We Blog. Therefore, We Are.

IMG_3103This Anolon pan is so shiny, I can see myself, AND my Foodie Blogger Pals, Michael Munoz, The Kitchen Gaily, whose Bacon, Mac and Cheese Pie is pictured above) and Lora Wiley (Diary of a Mad Hausfrau). IMG_5595

I may not be the best baker in the world, but I do give really good Instagram, which is what earned  me, this divine prize, of some radically fantastic kitchen tools from OXO. photo 1

Look Mom, What’s In My Hands!

I know my mother Alana, who didn’t cook or bake,  was very proud of me, for all of my hard work. She was also psyched, that I won all of these amazing kitchen tools from OXO.

I’m also quite certain, as she was looking down on me from heaven, Alana, was only wondering what the hell, any of those kitchen tools would be used for.

And lastly, since I have now mastered The Art Of The Pie (thanks, Kate), I went ahead and made a Sous Vide Chicken Pot Pie, which I will share with you soon….

Who wants to go to Pie Camp with me?

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