Fabulous Phi Phi Islands Photos

When we decided to back to Thailand for TBEX last year, Dan began his HOCKING. He was hyper focused on visiting the Phi Phi (pronounced PEE PEE) Islands. Once again, my husband was right. Enjoy the slide show via SMUGMUG, my new blogging tool.

Fun and Fabulous Photos

I’ve just returned from TBEX North America with an arsenal of information as well as many PLACES and fun times about which to write.

So, WHY am I writing a post about Thailand named Fabulous Phi Phi Islands Photos instead of telling you all about Min-neh-sew-tah?

I’m glad you asked, because I have a really good answer.

At a TBEX session in Minneapolis, Photographer/Blogger Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere shared his love for Smugmug, a photo sharing website which allows blogs like mine to load faster by hosting the large images on their site.

Since I admire Gary’s work tremendously, I’ve added Smugmug to my “Blogging Bag O’ Tricks.”

For my first project I’ve decided to put up a  slide show, without any titles (it was taking TOOOO long).

Plan B was to write a story where you could scroll the pics, but that meant I had to add each photo with a different embed code, and I got bored with that.

So this time, just sit back and enjoy the photos of Bucket List Boomers adventures to Phi Phi Islands (pronounced Pee Pee).

With Smugmug, you are actually viewing the full-sized version of my photos, instead of them being shrunk (which is what most bloggers do), thus diminishing the quality.

I could also choose to embed each photo separately in a blog post and I could add captions and tell a story through the photos.

And yes, I’m sure you’ll want to hear about the boat running out of gas, drifting to another island and waiting to be rescued.

Please SHARE Phi Phi Islands Photos

If you’re so inclined, please hover over any of the images and SHARE on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest…anywhere you like.

Try clicking on this link to view as an alternative.

Thanks to Gary Arndt for the knowledge and encouragement.

Stay tuned for my adventures in Min-neh-sew-tah! It was AMAZING!

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