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The Vicki Winters Show Periscope
It's about time. I've found my medium. And you too can have your own broadcast network. It's so easy! Periscope For Dummies!
The Vicki Winters Show Periscope

Welcome to “The Vicki Winters Show.”

The Vicki Winters Show PeriscopeI never get tired of saying that.  

Periscope.TV and Meerkat, two recently launched Social Media Marketing apps, make it possible for anyone with a phone or tablet to have their own personal broadcast network.

What? My Own TV network? Just Like Oprah?

Yes. Did I say a whole broadcast network on a phone?

Yes. I. did.

You can run the whole she-bang on a tablet if you like too.

Each of these 4-month old live streaming social media platforms, have social communities ripe with cool social media peeps, all trying to figure out how to monetize the apps. I’ve already figured it out. Cawl Me, We’ll Tawk!


To that end, I am on EVERY DAY,  running contests and experimenting, in order to show brands how to gain user generated content. Each day, I am gaining truly engaged SUPER FANS, from all over the world.Vicki by Hello Anthony One of my fans @HelloAnthony actually made this as one of his contest entries!


Check out my shows! There are scheduled shows, and sometime random things if I see something I think my viewers will like.


If you follow me on Twitter, you can also see my shows by clicking the links in my tweets when I am LIVE!

If you miss the LIVE show, you can always watch the replay, BUT… for only up to 24 hours afterwards. BUT…if you miss that, you can go to, a company that saves the feeds automatically if you give them permissions.


Please tune in to any, or all of my shows by following me on Periscope and Twitter. I’ll look forward to saying hi with my DIGITAL EYEBALLS.

As Gary Vaynerchuk will tell you, it is all about PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT, AKA,  “The Power Of One.” 

Download APP Here:

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