Periscope 101

Have you seen my Periscope channel? Want to learn Periscope 101?

By now you have heard of Periscope?….Maybe you have. Possibly not. A lot of Social Media folks are using it, but the majority of people have yet to discover this new LIVE STREAMING INTERACTIVE application.



Important to note: A periscope video only LIVES for 24 hours on and POOF!, it disappears into thin cyber-air. But have no fear, if you do have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) you still have a window of opportunity.

How To Watch A Periscope Video on your Mobile Device?

  • First things first. Sign up for Periscope. You can sign up easily with your Twitter user name, and if you are not on Twitter, you can sign up with just your phone number.
  • Create a user account. If you do sign in with your phone number, make sure to create PROFILE, along with a photo of yourself. Most SCOPERS want to know with whom they are interacting. Keep in mind, Periscope and Twitter work in tandem with each other, and if you don’t utilize these two Social Media platforms as a pair, you will not get the maximum bang for your SOCIAL BUCK. The way this works, is that whenever you start a stream, a TWEET will go out from your TWITTER feed, giving your viewers another way to find it.
  • Follow people who seem interesting and sign up for notifications so you will know when they are streaming. When you get the notification, go watch!
  • After watching some stream and getting the hang of it….go try and scope for yourself.
  • You can still watch the REPLAY for up to 24 hours on Periscope after the stream airs. You will not be able to add any comments, but you will be able to read the comments as they scroll through on the screen.

What If I MISS A Stream?

If a Periscope user is also using #KATCH, their Periscope Videos can live on in eternity (or however long Katch is around:-). KATCH.ME will automatically (if you give them permission) send out ANOTHER TWEET, so your users get another chance to see it…within those 24 hours. NOW…If you do use Katch, you have the opportunity to re-use this content and embed on your own sites, as KATCH will SAVE the content on your own personal KATCH.ME page. If you watch it ON the page directly, the comments are in a sidebar, where you can scroll through them.

If you embed the stream, like I have below, you will not see the comments.


Yes, this is a bit confusing, but as you participate and use Periscope yourself, you will get the hang of it.

Truth be told, I have made friends and influenced people, in my short time on the platform.

Sometimes I nag people about SCOPING AND DRIVING, and they get mad. No one should take their eyes off the road. #ItCanWait


There are a lot of interesting people sharing knowledge, and some boring people that have nothing better to do than to lay on a couch and kvetch.


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