Honeymoon from Hell

Best of the Wurst Tour of Berlin- AKA My Honeymoon with Shmoopy
I thought I was so original as we headed on our #bestofthewurst tour, but.......

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I LOVE My View!

I need to get out of the house.
Grant it, my view is pretty darn nice, and the blogging is going well, but I’m turning into a hermit.

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Instagram from Holland

The Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam- Short hop on a Ferry

Which one is mine?
How can anyone find their bike?
In front of the.......

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Jewish Historical Museum, Berlin
In the Daniel Libeskind designed building sits Menashe Kadishman’s steel sculpture.......

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Too pretty to eat? MMMMMMARZIPAN!
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Adorable Child
In Amsterdam, everyone rides a bike and has a cool helmet too!
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What Could Go Wrong?

More About Me

Thanks for being my guest on The Vicki Winters Show.

I'm A Food, Travel, Video Blogger with ADHD.

"I'm All Over The Place."

Winters, a Bucket List Boomer has been living life to its fullest.

She can usually be found riding her bike around NYC or on some interesting adventure, somewhere around the globe.

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