NYCWFF Burger Bash 2013- Where’s The Beef?

SOBEWFF and NYCWFF Founder, Lee Schrager

NYCWFF- Feeding Your Face, So The Less Fortunate Don’t Go Hungry-

I would gladly donate money to Food Bank For New York City, if I had a paying job, and any extra cash. If it were financially possible, I would buy tickets, to every one of the great NYCWFF events, being held next week.

Although tickets prices are high, they are worth every penny. Not only for the quality of the food and fun at these upscale events, but NYCWFF can also boast that 100% of the net proceeds to these mega- foodie parties, benefit the Food Bank For New York City, an organization, dedicated to fighting hunger in the five boroughs; and Share Our Strength®, a national nonprofit, working to end childhood hunger in America.

So, you get to eat amazing food, and, all of your money goes to charity!


Volunteer At NYCWFF – Where There Is A Will.

In lieu of giving cash to the cause, I am proud and happy to be donating my time, and event management skills, as one of several Team Leads. I’ll be overseeing some other fantastic volunteers, at 2 fabulous events, during the festival.

I’m motivated to do this, not only for the free meal, but because, this country is on the verge of a #HungerCliff and valuable funds, used to feed the hungry, are drying up. I want to help.

“The national anti-hunger safety net is under the greatest threat in decades. Decisions made in Washington between now and November will decide whether cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) – our nation’s first line of defense against hunger – will create new hardship for low-income Americans and plunge our nation off a looming Hunger Cliff.”

More about Hunger Cliff.

I feel great that I am offering what I can, in order to help stem hunger, and I’m looking forward, to having a memorable experience (and maybe a burger or two) at Rachel Ray’s Blue Moon Burger Bash on October 18, 2013.

Some of the best chefs in the country are donating their time and efforts, to this great cause. If you want to get hungry, just take a look at the Burger Bash Menu, listing all of the chefs, and their meals. It made me drool, just a bit.

In addition, if you care to donate to Food Bank For New York City, tickets are available for many of the events, including a brunch hosted by Andrew Cuomo on October 19, where I am also helping out.

Shout out to Lee Schrager, Founder of NYCWFF and SOBEWFF, who is “technically” my boss next week. Thanks for doing what you do!


Not The Prettiest Picture

I’ve taken better photos, even with the helmet. II’ll be sure to keep my eyes open next time.

Hope to see you NYCWFF!

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