How To Get To Laguardia Airport Via Public Transportation

Who wants to waste money on a taxi when public transportation can get you to a NYC airport!

How to: New York City to Laguardia Airport via public transportation

If you need to to get to any of ✈️New York City’s 🗽 3 major airports, it is rather simple and very inexpensive to take public transportation.

Even if you are traveling with  luggage🛄 it is well worth the effort. I bought this super lightweight luggage by LUCAS, which really makes a difference when schlepping all over the world.

Even easier if you have this SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT luggage by LUCAS.

Of course, the easiest ways to get to Laguardia Airport from NYC are:

  1. Hail a TAXI🚕, or
  2. Summon up an UBER car on your smart phone

Sure those are easy enough, and yes they are a huge waste of money💵💷💶

The notion of spending $45-65 dollars PLUS A TIP, for a 🚖taxi ride to any of NYC’s ✈️airports is silly to me, especially since NYC public transportation is quite efficient.

There are one or two times when it might be necessary to fork over this much cash (if you have a REALLY early flight, the subways don’t run as often) but as a rule, it isn’t the way we roll, or choose to spend our hard earned cash.

I just love when someone says, “Just take an UBER”. It makes me laugh😆 a little inside knowing how much they are overpaying.

New York City to Laguardia Airport via public transportation
Take an Expensive Taxi? I don’t think so.

Yes, it takes an extra 30-45 minutes⌚️ depending on which airport you are flying from, but a trip to Laguardia Airport (LGA) via public transportation will cost you less than THREE DOLLARS.

From Lower Manhattan the trip will take at the MOST 1.5 hours. AT THE MOST!!!


Dan and I live in Lower Manhattan, near Tribeca, so this is how we travel to LGA, as we did  on our recent trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Hop on #4 or #5 🚇Subway at City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge. You’ll need to have metro card with at least $2.75 on it. If you plan to use public transportation on the way home, make sure you have some have some extra money on the card.

Prices to and from JFK and EWR are different, and I will go into those in another post.

Keep your Metrocard handy, because you’ll need it when you get off the train and will have to swipe it again.

Make sure you are headed UPTOWN on either the #4 or #5 express trains (GREEN LINE)

Don’t hop on the #6 by mistake. That is the VERY SLOW local train.


🚇Arrive at 125th Street and Lexington Ave. This is your stop! GET OFF THE TRAIN!

Wait for the #60 bus🚍 which comes every few minutes. At the bus stop, swipe your METRO CARD in the MACHINE at the bus stop located on 125th Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue.

You’ll get a PAPER receipt, which is now your TRANSFER to get on the bus. Feel free to  board bus through rear door and you won’t need to swipe your metrocard on the bus.

#60 bus travels over the bridge🌉 and the ride is very scenic.

👮👮 At 125th Street, several police officers will board the train to check that you have a transfer receipt. You’d better have one.  Cops can be a bit intimidating, so I’ve heard.

🚍Arrive Laguardia Airport.  The bus trip is very short. Even in traffic, it is no more than 30 minutes. Make sure to check with other passengers and/or bus driver👴 the correct stop for your airline.

There are three terminals at LGA, so don’t get out at the wrong stop.

If you get to the airport early enough, I hope you have a Platinum American Express Card because the new AMEX Centurian Lounge is amazing!

Happy Flying! Have a safe and on time flight. I hope this helped!

I’ll also be posting instructions to JFK and EWR. Stay tuned.

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