Nurture Wellness Village- Tagatay, Philippines

I married a man who LOVES to argue. It’s not his fault. He was brought up that way. He’ll even argue that he doesn’t argue.

Dan’s good qualities outweigh the bad ones…most of the time, but Lord knows I need to de-stress from his incessant whining once in a while. I’m just saying.

Who Needs A Massage More Than Me?

Most likely I’ll stay with Dan for the rest of our lives unless some “unfortunate accident” occurs, but do note he can really be a pain in the neck….literally.

I was excited to visit Nurture Wellness Village for a stress relieving massage treatment, in Tagaytay, an hour’s drive from Manila, The Philippines.

Along with several other TBEX Asia 2016 attendees, Dan and I traveled from Manila to Tagaytay to experience a day of wellness.

Our fun group of Bloggers included:

Edwina D- Traveling German

Stefania Guglielmi- Every Steph – Green & Glamourous Travel Blog

Nisha Jha- Le Monde, A Poetic Travail

Me-An ClementeYogo And Cream 

First came the FOODIE FUN!

Smoothie lessons, and yummy snacks of mango sticky rice in banana leaves with dipping…or drinking chocolate. 

After snack time, our lovely massage therapists led us through the enchanting Nurture Wellness Village.

GLAMPING available on premises! Maybe next time.

The grounds were breathtakingly beautiful.

Ahhh. A Butterfly. At last I was starting to unwind.

I was not at all prepared for the TYPE of massage that was about to take place.

A COUPLES massage? Most people enjoy that sort of thing, but in my mind, I had planned to have a break from you-know-who.

Where was my SOLO massage room? The peace and serenity I had been dreaming about?

Oh, well. I could make the best of this.

I would get undressed, ring the bell to let my therapist know I was ready, shut my eyes, and tune him out.

Just as I was starting to feel really good, happy to release the stressfulness of being with Dan, he started arguing about whether or not toxins are released during a massage.



Despite his ramblings, I did emerge in a heightened state of being after aforementioned massage and a cup of tea. AHHHHH.

Tea Makes Everything Better! Don’t you think?

Next up, a tour see more of Nurture Wellness Village, aptly called “Farmacy” where a gazillion types of fruits, veggies and herbs are grown on the premises.

Signs point the way towards healthy living.

What to eat for a healthy body?

Armed with the knowledge of what to eat and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we departed Nurture Wellness Village feeling super relaxed and calm.

Until we had to sit in the VAN for fours hours, and almost missed TBEX opening night party due to traffic jams in Manila.

Press PLAY to see a time lapse of Manila traffic jam. Taken from the 19th floor Hotel Jen, Manila.

The price one has to pay for a trip to paradise.

At least I wasn’t the driver.


Nurture Wellness Village Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Cavite, Tagaytay, Luzon 4120, Philippines

+63 917 687 8873
+63 918 888 8772

*Dan and I were invited to a day of Pampering & Philippine Foodie Fun at Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay, Philippines, courtesy of TBEX Travel Blogger’s Exchange and Tourism Promotions Board Philippines.

All opinions as always, are my own (if you ever had a doubt).

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