My Favorite Things At CES 2013

So many cool things to see at CES! Especially my face on my own fingernail from Tatz Nailz

So Many Gadgets, So Little Time

10 hours wasn’t nearly enough time to see all the cool new product launches at CES 2013, but I made the most of my time spent walking around all 1.92 million square feet of the trade show floor.

My head was turning so fast while I was trying to see everything, I literally bumped into several of the 150,000 attendees that were also there to ogle the goods.

Next year, I plan to spend more time at the Consumer Electronics Show, but here are a few of my favorite things at CES 2013.

Tatz Nails Nail'z of Vicki Winters Face

 Tatz Nailz Gets A Huge Thumb’s Up

  1. Stick finger in Tat’z machine.
  2. Capture image.
  3. Photo gets painted on my fingernail.
  4. I’m a happy and vain camper.

Tat'z Nail'z- The Vicki Winters Show

It’s All About Me!

For a camera whore like me, this is the greatest! I can stare at an adorable picture of myself, at least until the polish chips off, and I’m just left staring at a picture of me with one eye and several missing teeth.


Let’s Dance by LG Television

Combining three of my very favorite things, this LG exercise game was ton of fun (no pun) to play with. Wearing a high-tech wristband, I danced along with Beyoncé, while the number of calories that I burned, was registered on a computer.

Did I mention I got to watch myself shake my booty?

Pocket Photo

Android based only at this time, Pocket Photo will take a picture from your camera phone, and when passed over the device, it will print a small Polaroid type picture on the fly. Then I can carry a little photo of me in my pocket all day long. I think I see a recurring theme here.

Next Year In Las Vegas

Due to poor planning, we only spent one day at CES 2013 but it was a great day! My husband Dan, gets all the credit for wangling our tickets at the last-minute.

Even more important, if Dan hadn’t had the good sense to ignore my whining and defeatist attitude, we would never have sat in the front row during Maroon 3’s acoustic concert at the Qualcomm keynote.

Bitching And Moaning And Maroon 5

For more about my lack of patience, and what I could have missed, here are a few more whining stories.IMG_6063

Vicki Winters

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