What Is The MOST Wanted Wearable Technology

What Are You Wearing?

When Robert Prime of Telematics.com, asked if I wanted to be included in a round up, of 44 WEARABLES EXPERTS, I jumped at the chance to offer my opinion. No surprise there.

Question: If you could own 3 pieces of WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY, which ones would they be?

I wear and love my Misfit Shine, but didn’t include that as one of my choices, because I already have one.

All 44 Wearables Experts’ opinions are here, at Wearable.co, and I’ve cut and pasted my section below.  Please check out what Robert Prime, Hilary Topper, and other WEARABLES EXPERTS have to say too!

What we discover through our GOOGLE GLASS, in this round up, that ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL,  when it comes to wearables.

There are so many SUPER COOL products mentioned in the article that I haven’t seen yet, but will be looking out for all of them.

The challenge in choosing MY MOST WANTED WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY, is that the WEARABLE TECH industry is so fluid and innovative that  my top 3 choices today, could be totally different tomorrow!


For now, here are my selections:

  1. Samsung Watch– I tried the older model for 48 hours and was really loving the large, yet not too large display. It integrates well with the Samsung phone and I just may decide to leave my Apple products in the dust when I see what they have up their literal sleeve.
  2. Ring by Logbar. Saw this at SXSW and think it would be great to be able to point and text. They are slated to integrate with the Pebble watch notifications, and I’d love to be able to reply without having to look at my phone all the time.
  3. Pebble Watch– Although I will eventually only wear one wearable watch at a time, I would love to have the new Pebble Steel. I love that it gives notifications when the phone is ringing, or when my pesky husband is texting me for some emergency.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else the industry has to offer, at this summer’s Wearable Tech EXPO NYC. 


Click the banner for a 10% discount to attend, and I hope to see you there.

What will you be WEARING?

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