Where To Get The Coolest Business Cards? Moo.com

This isn't my first time at the business card buying rodeo.

How many times do you receive a business card from someone, only to look at it on a later date and say, “Who the hell was that person?”

At a food blogger conference several years ago, someone handed me a card that had a beautiful cake on it, along with a photo of the blogger themselves… And that was the first I’d heard about moo.com.

Since then, I’ve been a huge fan. I’ve designed my own quirky mini cards several times, and always get compliments on them.

Moo usually has a presence at tech conferences, and will offer attendees a 20% discount to order them through the shows. As an added bonus, Moo brings them to the show so you can pick them up on site.

This year, at SXSW, Moo has partnered with Task Rabbit for hand delivery of any cards ordered.  Not only were my pre-ordered cards be hand delivered to me, but they came with some bonus swag. Breath freshener, $30 gift card from UBER to use in Austin, and a free latte from Austin Java.

Although I’ve loved handing out mini cards, this time I went for the bigger sized and glossy, incorporating the new logo from my “personal” designer Hironan via Fiverr.com.

In typically efficient moo.com style, I received an email from my Task Rabbit delivery gal, and we made plans for the hand off in Austin. At precisely the time we agreed upon, I met up with Beth, who gave me my cards and the bonus swag.

Although I’m certain that my sparkling personality is quite memorable, there no way someone will forget me with these beauties!

Than you Moo, Uber, Austin Java and Beth, from Task Rabbit!

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