Minnesota taught me about me. After spending 4 days in Northeast Minnesota, I had a few revelations!

During a 4 day/3 night Post-TBEX FAM Trip with 4 AMAZINGLY FUN and creative Bloggers/Filmmakers/Photographers, I discovered a lot about both the state of Minnesota and myself. 

What I learned in Minnesota- #onlyinMN

Along with my 4 new besties, Jenna and Micah (WanderTheMap.com), Leslie Graham (UnravelTravelTV.com), Victoria Phillpot, (VickyFlipFlop Travels) we toured all over Northeast Minnesota, with Alyssa Ebel, Explore Minnesota, who even schooled us in proper marshmallow toasting.

What I learned In Minnesota about myself

During this trip, my love of nature was reinvigorated. I remembered how calming it is to walk in the woods, along riverbanks, and among the waterfalls. We toured all around Duluth, Grand Marais, Cook County Nutsen Mountain and Ely, Minnesota and I LOVED every minute of it.

Aerial Bridge - Vikre Distillery in color


Leslie Graham, Unravel Travel TV
Jenna, 1/2 WanderTheMap
Jenna, 1/2 of WanderTheMap.com
Vicky Flip Flop Travels and Vicki Winters (that’s me)
Fearless Photographers- Leslie Graham and Micah, the other 1/2 (WanderTheMap.com)
Adventure Photographer Leslie Graham
Leslie Graham, perched on the edge of waterfall- ANYTHING for the shot!

What Else Did I Learn About Myself in Minnesota? 

I also learned that I am a really good iphone photographer…..see for yourself.

Shores of Lake Superior, Duluth Minnesota


What Did Minnesota Teach Me About My Blogging?

Upon returning home to the concrete jungle of New York City, I had another revelation…..

I’ve spent spent countless days trying to include information about the trip, but what I really want to do is just SHOW you the MONEY shots and get this done already. UGHHHH!

Lake Superior, From Grounds of Glensheen Mansion
Glensheen Mansion
Glensheen Mansion has a sordid history that includes MURDER and intrigue

I’m NOT THAT Blogger

After four years of blogging, think we all know that I am not THAT BLOGGER who writes about facts, figures and details. I make funny videos, write funny stories and even embed my snapchat stories.

It would take me an eternity to explain everything I learned about Northeast Minnesota, so in lieu of the blah blah blah, please just marvel at my lovely pics, or I’ll be writing this for 2 more months.

At the end of this post, I’ll share some links and you can read up on anything you want to know….Deal?


On the way to grand marais

one of my favorite shots
Minnesota #onlyinMN

ok, maybe this one is my favorite.



Minnesota #onlyinMN
photo credit: Leslie Graham


Watch the time-lapse video above, as we cruised under Duluth’s famous Aerial Lift Bridge on The Vista Fleet’s Vista Star.

I also made a few Periscope videos and snap stories while I was there, but just watch this fun piece of a SNAP STORY above!

Let’s Get To The Bottom Line- My takeaways from Minnesota #OnlyinMN

  • I’m a really good iphone photographer
  • I can get along with strangers for 4 days
  • Nature makes me very happy

But seriously folks, whenever you do get the chance to visit and EXPLORE MINNESOTA, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and discover some things about yourself too!


Minnesota #onlyinMN

Explore Minnesota

Glensheen Mansion

Vicky Flip Flops Travels Story About the Trip– She’s good with the details:-)

Grand Marais -America’s Coolest Small Town and home to World’s Best Donuts!

Biking in Grand Marais was SPECTACULAR!

Oh, one more things I learned. In this blog post there a ton of links, but the new theme I’m using doesn’t highlight them. Just hover over some words and you’ll see.

How annoying.

It looks like another trip to the WordPress Theme Store is in order…..Anyone have any good ideas for themes?

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