Who Wants To Be A Mini Cake Boss?

“Feel Like A Mini Cake Boss”

Along with 24 other super lucky bloggers and journalists, I was invited to Carlo’s Bake Shop to learn the fine art of fondant decorating, and to check out the new line of products that “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro is bringing to market this fall.

According to Buddy, with the proper equipment, “anyone can be a mini cake boss”. It was cute to hear him say that, while his son was sitting in his lap.

Cake Boss Buddy Valastra

These Are Some Serious Cakes

For anyone who watches “Cake Boss” on TLC, they will recognize Carlo’s Bake Shop as the place that Buddy Valastro and his fun family produce the most AMAZING cakes. I was very excited to see if he could actually turn me into a baker, not a faker.

This Is A Cake, Not a Ship! 

We were there to discover that it can actually be very easy, to make something that looks complicated. All you need is proper instruction, and the right tools. We’ll see about that.

Cake Boss

Formal Training

A long table was laid out, with some of the new tools, from Buddy’s new product line, which will be launching in stores all over the country this coming fall.

The Real Deal

To tell the truth, I was honored to be in such a distinguished crowd. These were some real deal bloggers, who really know how to bake.

The Cupcake Project’s, Stefani Pollack was there. Lora Wiley-Lennartz, Diary of a Mad Hausfrau sat next to me, and lent me a hand, with her fondant expertise.

Cake Boss

Easy Squeezy

Gabriella, one of Buddy’s head decorators,  gave us step by step instructions. How to prepare the fondant bow, and how to properly squeeze frosting out of a bag. She made it look so simple.

Cake Boss Decorating

Piece Of Cake So Far

First, you stretch the fondant out over the cake. Easy enough for me!

Cake Boss Decorating

Laughing Under My Breath

I was doing very well, but one of my fellow “would- be bakers” did not fare so well on this task. Perhaps he or she could cover it up with some polka dots?

Cake Boss

Spinning The Plate, Not Your Body

I had one of those ridiculous A -HAH! moments when I found out that the plate spins, and I didn’t actually have to run around the table, to frost the cake. I felt like a dope.

Cake Boss

Cakes Are Serious Business

My fellow students were listening intently. We were learning from the best in the biz. There’s are many reasons that Carlo’s Bake Shop, has become so successful, but there is a genuine kindness and love that Buddy, brings to his shop. A generosity of spirit, that he truly wants to share, with the everyday baker.

That’s why he took over 2 years to create an extensive product line, of bakeware and tools, that everyone can use.

Shout Out To The Cupcake Project

Stefani Pollack, from The Cupcake Project,came all the way from St. Louis, and later shared her post on how to make a fondant bow for cupcakes.

Cake Boss DecoratingProud Of My Work

We all got to take our cakes home to devour, and they really were delicious. All of the tools that we used, will be in the Cake Boss collection, of culinary products that will be coming out in stores this fall.

“I love people, that don’t think they can do it,  which is why, I designed this collection,”said Buddy,

“It’s the little things that make a difference.” He was right. The tools really made it easy for me to make a beautifully decorated cake that impressed my husband and friends. I felt that having the right little cutter to make my polka dots, the perfect tools to shape my bows, and of course the spinning cake platter, made all the difference. Now I could now be the boss of my own cakes!


Check out the Cake boss Facebook Page – Follow Cake Boss on Twitter @CakeBossBaking. Stay tuned for the product launch!

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