Milkman Milk And Ninja Kitchen- “Fruit Shakes For Dummies” Recipe- Video Post

No milk on hand? Have no fear, Milkman Milk is here!

As a participant in this sponsored campaign for Milkman low fat powdered milk, I received samples of the product for myself and my family. All opinions shared here are my own.”


I love to have milk in my coffee, my cereal, and even in my fruit shakes, so when Milkman Milk  asked me to test out their nonfat dry milk, I thought that it would be a good way to simultaneously, test out my new Ninja Blender to make one of my famous, “Fruit Shakes For Dummies.”


I love to drink a fruit shake, almost every day, and if I don’t have any milk on hand, I will make my drink with yogurt. The Milkman Milk is a great solution for me. Not only for my fruit shakes, but for my morning cup of joe too, especially when I don’t got “milk”in the fridge.


The “kiss of cream” flavor adds a little something special, and since I prepared  the Milkman Milk itself with water from my Aquasana Water Filtration system,  the milk was super clean and fresh tasting.


Milkman Milk- Fruit Shake For Dummies
Recipe Type: EZ
Cuisine: Healthy Fruit Shake
Author: Vicki Winters
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
Fruit Shakes are healthy and EZ to prepare. Whenever you have fruit that is about to go bad, cut it up and stick in in the freezer, to use as a later date. You can also make an entire envelope of Milkman Kiss of Cream Milk and use the leftover for anything else! This recipe is for 2 shakes and you will have plenty of milk to use later.
  • Big Handful of Frozen Fruit
  • 3 Tablespoons Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup
  • 1 Package Milkman Milk Non Fat Dry milk
  • 1 Quart of Water
  1. Pour contents of one envelope Milkman Milk into 1 Quart of filtered water.
  2. Stir with spoon or fork.
  3. Add 1/2 quarter cup of filtered water to make 1 Quart of milk.
  4. Take 1/2 of the pre-made milk into blender.
  5. Grab a handful of fruit and throw it in.
  6. Press start for 60 seconds…more or less.
  7. It’s not brain surgery, people!
  8. Drink Up!


I would totally take this to Burning Man with me, so I can get my calcium fix while dancing up a storm in the desert.

Fun Facts:

  • Milkman, the brand once  known as the “kiss of cream” is back, and ready for consumers to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Even the familiar orange packaging remains the same. The product is still priced competitively, and maintains its long shelf life.
  • Considered the best-tasting powdered milk product available, Milkman has a remarkable natural milk taste while remaining low in fat.
  • When people want to enjoy the flavor of real milk without access to the refrigerated milk, Milkman low fat powdered milk provides a nutritious, great-tasting, satisfying alternative.
  • Starting this month, any ingredients containing GMO’s will be eliminated from Milkman low fat powdered milk so that the product will be completely GMO-free.
  • One cup of milk equal quarter of the package. Consumers can use Milkman low fat powdered milk for a wider range of purposes, such as: lightening their coffee, baking, enjoying a meal    on-the-go, and storing at home in case of an emergency.
  • Milkman low fat powdered milk can be purchased online at,, and at

To learn even more about Milkman low fat powdered milk, please visit Fans can also like the Facebook page at


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