Eventually You will forget how uncomfortable the coach seat was, and you will forget just HOW LONG it took, but traveling to Israel is something you will remember for the rest of your life.

HOW Long is travel time to Jerusalem from New York City?

People always want to know how long it takes to get somewhere, but you need to remember that there’s more to count than JUST the length of the flight.

If you follow along during this Snapchat story of my VERY LONG journey from NYC to Jerusalem via Turkish Airlines, you’ll see it included several flights, many meals, and a lot of sitting upright in a very uncomfortable airline seat.

Travel Time Broken Down

There are things that people forget when they figure out travel times.

  • Travel to airport Lower Manhattan to JFK – I travel as cheaply as possible so this means I take the subway to the NYC AirTrain. Approx. 1.5 hours.
  • Arrive airport 3 hours early for International flights why I love my PriorityPass
  • JFK to Istanbul 11 hours
  • Change planes Stop in a Priority Pass lounge for a snack:-) – 2.5 hour layover
  • Flight from Istanbul to Tel Aviv 3 hours
  • Customs on a Saturday In Israel 1.5 hours waiting
  • Travel from Tel Aviv by car to Jerusalem – 45 minutes on a Saturday….no traffic (I was a speaker on a panel so I had the royal treatment, but if you took a bus it would add another 2 hours)

It was a long day flying and schlepping (total travel time including travel to/ from airports was around 24 hours (and then add-on the time zone difference hours so there’s that too). I’m too tired to do the math.

Which Airline To Fly from NY to Israel?

Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines in terms of service and quality, just watch the video to see for yourself.

Have you been to Israel? Turkey? How did you like it? Let me know in the comments.


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  • You really didn’t like Jerusalem? You are the first of anyone I have ever known. Yeah, that food. I know it is quite a shlepp from Chicago. I love the electronic boards in Istanbul, it made it easy to find my Priority pass lounge:-)

    I TOLD you it was a far piece to Jordan! I always take a sleeping pill.

  • Turkey was FANTASTIC!!!

    Jerusalem, well glad I did it, but if I don’t go back, won’t lose any sleep over it. “Religious Disneyland”. Upside: Israeli food was SUPERB.

    Try getting there from Chicagoland.

    The Istanbul Airport is like NOTHING I have ever experienced. Never felt safer after 3-4 scans and check-in.

    One month and our longest single flight to date: Chicago to Cairo via Amman Jordan. 11 hours first leg. Can we ask the dentist for some vicodin?